Stripes are never out of fashion. 

SandbergCollection, Inspiration, Interior design

Few patterns are as classic as stripes. Using them you can achieve a look which is both exciting and dynamic. By varying the width, colours and contrasts, you have endless options to create an inspiring and timeless home.

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DIY - mobile for your little ones. 

Sandra WillundInspiration, Do-It-Yourself, Children

Super cool, simple and original DIY tips for the kids room. We love it when things are reused, so today we are offering a DIY tip the form of a cloud mobile which is a perfect project if you have any leftover wallpaper or wallpaper swatches. 

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Affordable Valentine's Day Ideas

Sandra WillundInspiration, Pattern, Do-It-Yourself

Make Valentine a bit more authentic this year with our quick and easy DIY crafts. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or think it’s become too commercialised, it is a great opportunity to show someone special that you appreciate him or her.

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Blue wallpaper in the bedroom that makes a difference.

Sandra WillundPattern, Interior design

As we have written about before, we launched a charity project during our training days, in partnership with our Swedish retailers. The basis of the project was to colour one of our most popular wallpaper patterns in a new colourway. This resulted in over 10 different versions, each with its own rationale. Our design studio selected two of these colourways, one green and one blue, and the ultimate winner was then selected by vote on Facebook. Here you can see the winning pattern in blue in Caroline and Christian’s bedroom.

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Discover the true Scandinavian feeling. 

SandbergAccessories, Collection, Inspiration

”Vinterskog, Winter Forest in Swedish, leaves the town far behind, and finds tranquillity in the Nordic light and the simplicity so typical of the Scandinavian winter landscape. The result is a minimalist wallpaper pattern which generates a pure and calm atmosphere which soothes away the worries of life and recharges tired batteries. A pattern which pays homage to the Scandinavian countryside at its most silent, focusing on its unique shapes and muted colours.  

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Newly-Renovated 1960s villa - Sandberg out and about.

SandbergInredning, Pattern, Inspiration

On this trip, we headed the car towards Skövde to visit Anna in her 1960s villa. 

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Super-fast and simple Christmas sweets à la Sandberg

Pia AnderssonDo-It-Yourself, Inspiration

Christmas is approaching at frightening speed, and, like the rest of us, you are probably looking at a packed schedule as you frantically try to get everything ready for the holiday. But what would Christmas be without home-made sweets? To make your Christmas preparations easier, we are very pleased to share our own Bounty recipe with you. It’s super-fast and super simple, and it really tastes super! Enjoy our recipe for Bounty treats à la Sandberg below.

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Wallpaper ideas for your hall – Drömma Lotta

SandbergInspiration, Interior design

Hi everyone. I am delighted to be Sandberg’s guest blogger today, and I thought I would show you how I have used Sandberg’s Malin wallpaper, from their truly wonderful Oas collection, in part of my own home. 

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Sandberg's design team on an inspirational trip to Versailles.

Sara BergqvistTravel, Inspiration

Three days jam-packed with impressions, the heartbeat of a great city and fantastic details in everything from a cup of warm chocolate to facades with shells in bas relief. Those days in Paris with our wicked creative team went a little too quickly, but recharged as with energy and enthusiasm. With the image of Versailles in the evening sun burned into our retinas, pencils and brushes glowed in the studio.

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DIY – Make your own Advent Calendar

Pia AnderssonDo-It-Yourself, Inspiration

There are lots of ways to make a fun, personal and attractive Advent Calendar. Here are our suggestions for making an excellent Christmas Season Calendar from wallpaper left-overs. Small wallpaper bags filled with little presents that can be opened every day right up to Christmas Eve. The great thing about these bags is that you can reuse them next Christmas.

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