The trend toppers - 5 wallpapers we are hanging on walls at the moment.

Sandra WillundTrends, Pattern, Inspiration

Even though the current trends are rather fluid, it is fascinating to see what other people are choosing to decorate their walls with at the moment. For whether we want to or not, we are influenced by current trends in one way or another, and it is clear to see that slightly darker and more daring patterns are increasingly finding their way into our homes.
By far the best thing about today’s trends, is that there are so many of them that all of us can find our own trend. Our top list blends more daring colours with more muted tones.

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Five hints to help you choose your wallpaper.

Sandra Willund

What we put on the walls makes a massive difference to the impression that a home makes, and there are several things you should consider before making your choice. 
No matter what kind of house you live in, new or old, large or small, the walls play an exceptionally big role in how the home is perceived. How often have we been asked - how do I about choosing wallpaper? So in this post we have brought together our five best tips on how to go about choosing wallpaper.

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Decor with the trendiest colour this season.

Sandra WillundTrends, Inspiration, interior

We have, as you may now know, abandoned the white walls and made our move towards more colour and pattern. The absolute hottest colour right now is pink. More and more homes take in all shades of pink. Pastel, vintage, powder pink and even bold pink.

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Interior trends with Trendrummet.

Sandra WillundTrends, Pattern, Interior design

This week, we were invited home with Josefine, who runs Trendrummet [the Trend Room] and the Instagram account, Loppisverkstan. She shared her thoughts on the hottest decorating and interior trends with us. We also got to hear about her thinking when she decorated her dream house, and what her favourite wallpaper is. Stay tuned!

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Easy easter crafts - with wallpaper.

Sandra WillundPattern, Do-It-Yourself, Inspiration

Easter is here, one of our favourite holidays. In Sweden we put great focus on decorating our homes with feathers and Easter decorations. We would like to share some easy crafts for all ages to help you create a bright and spring-like feeling in your home. Learn how to make your own eggs and feathers to hang in your very own Easter tree!

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What we put on the walls this spring. 

Sandra WillundPattern, Collection, Inspiration

“This spring, we want verdant and patterned wallpaper on the walls. We have moved on from four white walls and we are much more adventurous in both pattern and colour. In our new collection, Arboretum, you can find everything from crisp to more dramatic colours which create a soft and fresh ambience in the home. 

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Verdant new wallpaper pattern - Arboretum

Sandra WillundPattern, Collection

We are now offering a sneak peek at the soon-to-be launched wallpaper collection, Arboretum, a botanical collection with 11 totally new organic patterns centred on greenery. Arboretum has a range of native Swedish trees, Oak, Hazel, Willow, Beech and Quince, each of which has its own wallpaper. This is a modern take on classic patterns which are firmly rooted in our Swedish soil. 

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Green wallpaper in 1930s villa - Sandberg out and about.

Sandra WillundInspiration, Interior design

Today we have been invited to see around Frida’s magnificent 1930s villa, which is filled with green wallpaper. The villa is in the little village of Tvärålund in Västerbotten County in northern Sweden. 
Frida lives in the house along with her husband, Anders, their sons Axel, 9 and Viktor, 7, and with two moggies and a spoiled mongrel dog. They bought the house in 2009, when they were expecting Viktor, and it was ready for moving into in autumn 2010.

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How to hang wallpaper


Wallpapering is a quick and easy way to renew your home and much easier than you might think. We have put together a simple step-by-step guide with our best tips on how to hang wallpaper. 

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Patterned wallpaper in a 1920's house.

Sandra WillundBotanical, Pattern, Interior design

The house is in Ulricehamn, and was one of the first to be built in the area. It is a beautiful and well-planned house, with a large and leafy garden and with the murmur of the small brook in the background.

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