5 key items from the Lush Wallpaper Trend

Written by Johanna Vestlin, 23 October, 2015

Life indulging and a relaxed way of living is key to our trend LUSH, one of four themes in Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015. Finding inspiration from all over the globe this trend truly is about expressing our selves and go with our gut feeling. We want a home that reflects our joy in life and an international lifestyle.

If you feel attracted to this theme check out the collection New York Stories and Grace.

MG9332-1024x6821. Green Marble and brass

I find the bathrooms at the boutique hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg truly inspirational. Here the green marble gives the whole room atmosphere and a comforting feeling. It stands out as a bold yet classical bathroom. Combined with brass in all fittings, mirror and lights, the luxurious tone is unmistakeable. If you like this combination of materials you can easily make your own arrangement with a green marble tray, and brass candle holders.

Sandbergs Digital hiroshiges regnskyar 20132. International inspiration

There are no rules of how to mix materials and furniture. Staying to one color scheme or type of pattern you can express your personal choice by combining products from all over the world. Here we have combined our asian HIROSHIGES REGNSKYAR  with a traditional woven Swedish rug and modern lighting. The white bed coverings add to that luxurious hotel feeling.

Sandberg_blog_lush_open-fire_Grace_497-293. Open fires and candles

When Ilse Crawford launched her collection SINNERLIG for IKEA earlier this fall, she described the back ground of the collection like this, ”The more digital our lives become ,the more we long for physical experiences”. I believe this explains our constant love with open fires and candles and that extra coziness and value it gives to a room. In this picture the fireplace talks to all our senses with our GRACE in the back ground.

hotel borgo nuevo4. Colors and velvet

I have a new hotel love, Borgo Nuovo in Milan, Italy. This place would be worth a trip alone. Here you find brave color and material mixes presented in a relaxed, minimalistic way. The dusty turquoise combined with brass, ochre colored velvet, varm grays and wood are just stunning.

Sandber_blog_lush_hall_way_Mauritz_498-915. Dark walls

This trend loves dark walls and that extra cosiness it brings to a room. An easy way to get that individual and confident feeling is to choose a dark wallpaper like our MAURITZ. Here beautifully combined with bras and darker woods like teal or walnut. Note that there are almost no white in this room. Whats fun with this kind of color scheme is that you can play with white as an accent.


If you want to have a look at the full Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015 you can download it HERE. And if you want to get the experience of what a wallpaper in the Lush expression, you can order wallpaper samples of Manhattan, Madison and Rust HERE, free of charge, off course!


Thank you for letting me inspire you!


/Johanna Vestlin

Designer Sandberg Wallpaper