Sandberg out and about – Newly-built house.

On one of the few rainy days this summer, I visited Ida and her family, in their newly-built house just outside Borås. She had just finished decorating and wallpapering one of the children’s rooms with the Eden wallpaper, and the bedroom is finished in the Skog pattern from Sandberg Wallpaper
Ida, who normally works as a creator and freelance designer, was at home on parental leave with Sigge on the day of my visit.
Sigge, just like his mother, is immensely social and extrovert. He was more than happy to be in every picture. Wherever I went, he made sure that he slipped into the photograph, a really charming little lens louse.
When did you build the house? 

Sandberg out and about – 1900s house

Lina and her daughter, Sigrid, are standing on the stairs, and they wave when we drive up to the yellow “manager’s house” which is built on a slope down towards Lake Vättern in Huskvarna. Lina has just got back from her job, and taken over from her husband, David, who has been at home with the kids all morning. We found Vilgot, who has just turned five years old, in the kitchen. He has his hands full keeping track of the newly-baked rhubarb tart.

Wallpapering a dolls house with leftover wallpaper.

Wallpapering a dolls house is not particularly difficult. And it’s a really fun and smart way to use up leftover wallpaper.

Ten stunning wallpapers for children’s rooms – Kubel Kids.

Here are our ten tips for wallpapers for children’s rooms from our new Kubel Kids collection. Kubel Kids is a collection of children’s wallpapers that tell an actual story. The colours are carefully selected to create the “perfect pink” and the “most lovely shade of green”. The collection has been developed in collaboration with photographer and stylist Anna Kubel. The best thing about this collection is that the wallpapers work well anywhere in the home, not just the children’s room.

6 inspiring homes with patterned wallpaper.

We are sure that, just like us, you love wallpaper and decorating inspiration. So we have brought together photographs from 6 inspiring homes with patterned wallpaper, which we really like. We hope they will inspire you too, and make you a little more aware of how and what you should consider when you are making your choice.

The trend toppers - 5 wallpapers we are hanging on walls at the moment.

Even though the current trends are rather fluid, it is fascinating to see what other people are choosing to decorate their walls with at the moment. For whether we want to or not, we are influenced by current trends in one way or another, and it is clear to see that slightly darker and more daring patterns are increasingly finding their way into our homes.
By far the best thing about today’s trends, is that there are so many of them that all of us can find our own trend. Our top list blends more daring colours with more muted tones.

Five hints to help you choose your wallpaper.

What we put on the walls makes a massive difference to the impression that a home makes, and there are several things you should consider before making your choice. 
No matter what kind of house you live in, new or old, large or small, the walls play an exceptionally big role in how the home is perceived. How often have we been asked - how do I about choosing wallpaper? So in this post we have brought together our five best tips on how to go about choosing wallpaper.

Decor with the trendiest colour this season.

We have, as you may now know, abandoned the white walls and made our move towards more colour and pattern. The absolute hottest colour right now is pink. More and more homes take in all shades of pink. Pastel, vintage, powder pink and even bold pink.

Interior trends with Trendrummet.

This week, we were invited home with Josefine, who runs Trendrummet [the Trend Room] and the Instagram account, Loppisverkstan. She shared her thoughts on the hottest decorating and interior trends with us. We also got to hear about her thinking when she decorated her dream house, and what her favourite wallpaper is. Stay tuned!

Easy easter crafts - with wallpaper.

Easter is here, one of our favourite holidays. In Sweden we put great focus on decorating our homes with feathers and Easter decorations. We would like to share some easy crafts for all ages to help you create a bright and spring-like feeling in your home. Learn how to make your own eggs and feathers to hang in your very own Easter tree!

What we put on the walls this spring. 

“This spring, we want verdant and patterned wallpaper on the walls. We have moved on from four white walls and we are much more adventurous in both pattern and colour. In our new collection, Arboretum, you can find everything from crisp to more dramatic colours which create a soft and fresh ambience in the home. 

Verdant new wallpaper pattern - Arboretum

We are now offering a sneak peek at the soon-to-be launched wallpaper collection, Arboretum, a botanical collection with 11 totally new organic patterns centred on greenery. Arboretum has a range of native Swedish trees, Oak, Hazel, Willow, Beech and Quince, each of which has its own wallpaper. This is a modern take on classic patterns which are firmly rooted in our Swedish soil. 

Green wallpaper in 1930s villa - Sandberg out and about.

Today we have been invited to see around Frida’s magnificent 1930s villa, which is filled with green wallpaper. The villa is in the little village of Tvärålund in Västerbotten County in northern Sweden. 
Frida lives in the house along with her husband, Anders, their sons Axel, 9 and Viktor, 7, and with two moggies and a spoiled mongrel dog. They bought the house in 2009, when they were expecting Viktor, and it was ready for moving into in autumn 2010.

How to hang wallpaper

Wallpapering is a quick and easy way to renew your home and much easier than you might think. We have put together a simple step-by-step guide with our best tips on how to hang wallpaper. 

Patterned wallpaper in a 1920's house.

The house is in Ulricehamn, and was one of the first to be built in the area. It is a beautiful and well-planned house, with a large and leafy garden and with the murmur of the small brook in the background.

Stripes are never out of fashion. 

Few patterns are as classic as stripes. Using them you can achieve a look which is both exciting and dynamic. By varying the width, colours and contrasts, you have endless options to create an inspiring and timeless home.

DIY - mobile for your little ones. 

Super cool, simple and original DIY tips for the kids room. We love it when things are reused, so today we are offering a DIY tip the form of a cloud mobile which is a perfect project if you have any leftover wallpaper or wallpaper swatches. 

Affordable Valentine's Day Ideas

Make Valentine a bit more authentic this year with our quick and easy DIY crafts. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or think it’s become too commercialised, it is a great opportunity to show someone special that you appreciate him or her.

Blue wallpaper in the bedroom that makes a difference.

As we have written about before, we launched a charity project during our training days, in partnership with our Swedish retailers. The basis of the project was to colour one of our most popular wallpaper patterns in a new colourway. This resulted in over 10 different versions, each with its own rationale. Our design studio selected two of these colourways, one green and one blue, and the ultimate winner was then selected by vote on Facebook. Here you can see the winning pattern in blue in Caroline and Christian’s bedroom.

Discover the true Scandinavian feeling. 

”Vinterskog, Winter Forest in Swedish, leaves the town far behind, and finds tranquillity in the Nordic light and the simplicity so typical of the Scandinavian winter landscape. The result is a minimalist wallpaper pattern which generates a pure and calm atmosphere which soothes away the worries of life and recharges tired batteries. A pattern which pays homage to the Scandinavian countryside at its most silent, focusing on its unique shapes and muted colours.  

Newly-Renovated 1960s villa - Sandberg out and about.

On this trip, we headed the car towards Skövde to visit Anna in her 1960s villa. 

Super-fast and simple Christmas sweets à la Sandberg

Christmas is approaching at frightening speed, and, like the rest of us, you are probably looking at a packed schedule as you frantically try to get everything ready for the holiday. But what would Christmas be without home-made sweets? To make your Christmas preparations easier, we are very pleased to share our own Bounty recipe with you. It’s super-fast and super simple, and it really tastes super! Enjoy our recipe for Bounty treats à la Sandberg below.

Wallpaper ideas for your hallway – Drömma Lotta

Hi everyone. I am delighted to be Sandberg’s guest blogger today, and I thought I would show you how I have used Sandberg’s Malin wallpaper, from their truly wonderful Oas collection, in part of my own home. 

Sandberg's design team on an inspirational trip to Versailles.

Three days jam-packed with impressions, the heartbeat of a great city and fantastic details in everything from a cup of warm chocolate to facades with shells in bas relief. Those days in Paris with our wicked creative team went a little too quickly, but recharged as with energy and enthusiasm. With the image of Versailles in the evening sun burned into our retinas, pencils and brushes glowed in the studio.

DIY – Make your own Advent Calendar

There are lots of ways to make a fun, personal and attractive Advent Calendar. Here are our suggestions for making an excellent Christmas Season Calendar from wallpaper left-overs. Small wallpaper bags filled with little presents that can be opened every day right up to Christmas Eve. The great thing about these bags is that you can reuse them next Christmas.

Retreat with Babes in boyland on island of Gotland.

I spent last weekend on the beautiful island of Gotland.

Sandberg out and about – a gem from the 18th century

On a beautiful autumn day, we jumped in the car and headed south to the province of Småland, to the lovely old town of Tingsryd, to visit Frida in her wonderful 18th century house. The house is a real showcase for Sandberg Wallpaper. 

Katrin Bååth – New Creative Director at Sandberg Wallpaper

We are delighted to have Katrin on our team here at Sandberg. Katrin has an extensive background in the advertising industry, most recently as a freelance Creative Director/Art Director and Stylist. At Sandberg, she will focus on concepts and brand development, in which design, production and marketing go hand in hand.

Come and listen to our Oasis!

Our Oasis is a place where time pauses in its headlong rush, a sanctuary where you have the time to centre yourself, both visually and spiritually. You will want to remain here in deepest communion and moments of closeness, letting the atmosphere seep under your skin and rekindle your spirit. Body and soul have time to unwind, softly and gently, deep and vibrant, gentle and heartfelt, wild and beautiful. Like life itself.

Sandberg out and about – a turn of the century house, the Villa Strömsfors

On a cloudy and rather chilly autumn day, we drove out to visit the Villa Strömsfors. This is a really wonderful turn-of-the-century villa, which has undergone a careful and sympathetic restoration. The Villa was completed in 1908, on a small rise in Strömsfors, just outside Svenljunga. On the day of our visit, the house was beautifully silhouetted against a high fog.

Kitchen wallpaper – Inspiration for your kitchen!

The kitchen is a natural focal point in the home, where we eat and interact with family and friends. It is truly the heart of the home.

Wallpaper ideas for a cosy bedroom!

Green walls in a bedroom give a sense of calm. A place for relaxation and recuperation. Green is a natural stress alleviator. Fill your bedroom with plants and it becomes your own little oasis where you can curl up in your bed or in an armchair with a good book and a cup of coffee or tea. Maybe open a window wide and let the white linen curtains wave in the breeze.

Black and white wallpaper – for an exclusive and luxurious feeling!

Black and white is a classic combination. There is an elegance and excitement to black and white wallpaper. Black and white wallpaper is also easy to match to other furnishings in your home.

Tips for hanging your pictures!

There are lots of ways to hang pictures. It takes a little time, but it is really worth it to achieve an attractive display. A measuring tape and a spirit level make it a lot easier to get it right.  

What are we putting on our walls in autumn 2017?

It has been a long time since walls have been in such close focus as they are now.

Babes in Boyland interpret the Oas collection!

”Our oasis is a place where we have the space and peace to create and be creative. A place with a history and tiny flaws which speak of another time. Close to the natural world and open countryside. A lush garden and fertile soil. A place that is always open for fellowship. Our own little oasis”.

Welcome to our oasis!


We are delighted to launch our stunning autumn collection, Oas.  We have taken the opportunity to put some questions to our designer, Karolina Kroon. She and her colleague, Sara Bergqvist, form the creative team behind the magically beautiful patterns of this fantastic collection.


Explore Oslo with our city guide!

In the RANDcollection we have found inspiration in the Scandinavian aesthetics and looked closer at the capitals Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki.

Paint or Wallpaper? - The pros and cons

Is your home in need of a makeover? One of the most effective ways of changing the feel of a room is to paint or wallpaper. Many home owners are fronted with the same questions. Which is the quickest and easiest option, and how do I get the most value for my money? Is wallpaper better than paint? It's a common assumption that paint is the quicker and easier option, but is this really the case? 

Explore Copenhagen with our city guide!

In the RAND collection we have found inspiration in the Scandinavian aesthetics and looked closer at the capitals Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki.

How we create striped and patterned wallpaper!

As we worked on the Villa Dalarö collection, we found that we were missing a medium-sized pattern, a classic trellis of a size which would fit many different types of rooms.

Explore Helsinki with our city guide!

In the RAND collection we have found inspiration in the Scandinavian aesthetics and looked closer at the capitals Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki.

Country calm with floral wallpaper - Welcome to Villa Dalarö!

Finally, we will have the pleasure of unveiling our beautiful Villa Dalarö collection! We have really been looking forward to this! With its pastoral aesthetics, this is the ultimate spring and summer collection, and our stylist, Mari Strenghielm and photographer Anna Malmborg, has done an absolutely fantastic job of capturing this. The collection is named after Maris home, and the pictures show us the rooms, the residents and the walls, all of them saying, “Welcome to Villa Dalarö!”

Explore Stockholm with our city guide!

In the RAND collection we have found inspiration in the Scandinavian aesthetics and looked closer at the capitals Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki.

4 creative striped wallpaper inspired by Scandinavian city pulse!

As we worked on the RAND collection, the design team looked to Scandinavian aesthetics for inspiration. We added an urban beat to give a tempo to the collection, and looked closely at the Scandinavian capitals of Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. The clean architecture, the wide horizons, the green oases and the cities’ closeness to water came together in four creative, striped designs which set the tone.

RAND Scandinavian stripes - striped wallpaper for your entired home!

When we created the RAND collection, our aim was to produce a crisp, Scandinavian look which will work well as a base in many homes. The light, clean expression is a common theme, and we have used colours as effectively as possible. Stripes can be used anywhere, from narrow hallways to spacious living rooms. It’s a look where the elegant touch meets modern colourways in tune with the zeitgeist.

Harmonious interior with striped and patterned wallpapers

Not surprisingly, we love seeing walls covered in patterns. But sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing, even when we ourselves are decorating. Who doesn’t dream of a harmonious home, where the interior blends together and has a common theme, without being boring and lifeless. Here, we are trying to explain the concepts and show how classic striped wallpaper can be used to create a stunning contrast to beautiful patterns.

Wallpaper colour and dark shades – 5 modern wallpapers

We have noticed that an increasing number of people are becoming more daring in their approach to decorating their homes, looking for a personal style beyond the bright and breezy. Here is our shortlist of 5 wallpapers with strong patterns and colours, ideal for the look you’re aiming to create.

The story behind collection Signatur

Enthusiastic and friendly meetings, laughter and tears of joy – that was the backdrop to our work as we developed the Signatur wallpaper collection. This makes the warmth that greeted the launch of the collection and the work of Joy Zandén, Lillo Wikstrand, Ylva Källström-Eklund and Dagmar Lodén extra special.

Decorated with floral wallpaper 1950s style!

Do you live in a 50s home, and want to retain the style, or are simply in love with the colours and patterns from that period? Plastic was big, and wear it out and throw it away was the slogan.

In interior decor, the in-materials included marble (Kolmård marble), plastics, mosaics and linoleum in check patterns or beautiful parquet floors in oak. Exotic woods were a major trend, such as mahogany and teak. Even door handles for interior doors were in teak. Design was often straight and unadorned. The walls were decorated with colourful wallpaper, frequently in floral patterns or a more restrained and graphic style.

Dagmar Lodén – Floral wallpaper inspired by 50th century designs

Dagmar Lodén (1904-89) was a well-known artist, textile and interior designer. She was a talented painter in oils, with a delicate touch. Jointly with her husband, Kalle Lodén, she received several public commissions in Stockholm in the 1930s. When Kalle died, at the early age of 39, Dagmar moved with their two children and her mother to the town of Leksand in the province of Dalarna, where an artists’ colony had grown up around the Jobs sisters, creators of amazing patterns.

Ylva Källström-Eklund – Beloved children’s books motives from the 50s given new life as wallpaper pattern

Ylva Källström-Eklund (1933-88) was born in Stockholm. Her father worked as a manager in the pharmacy sector, while her mother was a housewife in the newly-built functional-style family home. Ylva started drawing as a young girl, and submitted her drawings to newspapers and competitions. In the 1950s, she studied at the Beckman School of Advertising and worked as an advertisement artist. This was the time of school band jazz, when young musicians recreated the New Orleans jazz of the 1920s with the enthusiasm of punk rockers. It was the time of batwing chairs, army duffle coats and dreams of Paris.

Lillo Wikstrand - her passion was embroidery!

Lillo Wikstrand (1911-95) was born in Stockholm, but spent her first nine years in India, where her parents worked as missionaries. Lillo’s mother, Gertrud, loved handicrafts and Lillo grew up surrounded by embroidery. Thread yarn was sent from India to Lillo’s aunt, Elisabet Wisén-Jobs, who was famous in Sweden for her flower embroideries. The meadow flowers of Sweden were particularly close to Lillo’s heart. She trained as a physiotherapist, but her passion was embroidery.

Joy Zandén - amazing treasure of patterns!

Sometimes, good things come out of something gone wrong. When Joy Zandén tried selling her textile patterns in 1950’s New York, no-one showed any interest. As if in an Audrey Hepburn film, she wandered Fifth Avenue, visiting shops with her pattern portfolio, but failed to sell anything.” Very nice, very nice” was all she was told by advertising agencies and boutique staff. What a missed opportunity for the Americans! Joy returned home and the patterns were set aside. It was only 60 years later, when her daughter found the worn tube in her mother’s basement, that the patterns came to light again. Inside the tube, her daughter found an amazing treasure of patterns.

The Nowstalgic – looks back affectionately to the middle of the last century!

The Nowstalgic is the last one out of the four different lifestyles that we have present in our latest trend report. The Nowstalgic looks back affectionately to the middle of the last century, when modernism and the Nordic design flourished.

The Connoisseur – The lifestyile that seeking inspiration from all over the world!

The Connoisseur is one of our lifestyles present in our latest trend report.  The Connoisseur loves the good life. Success is there to be celebrated, and the next exciting challenge is just around the corner. Download the trend report and find out more about the trend we call the Connoisseur.

The Naturbanist – want the home as a quiet sanctuary!

The Naturbanist is one of four lifestyles presented in our latest trend report. Pare down, simplify and focus are the key concepts the Naturbanist returns to constantly, in life as well as in the home. Consideration for their nearest and dearest, as well as for the environment. Download the trend report and find out more about this lifestyle in the bonus material about the Naturbanist.

The Family – one of this fall’s biggest lifestyle trends!

The Family is one of four lifestyles presented in our latest trend report. For the family, life togetherness is the focal point of life, and this is evident throughout the home. Download the trend report and find out more about this lifestyle in the bonus material about the family.

Guide to 4 different trends

We launch our Trend Report for Fall/Winter 2016, to guide you through the season based on four different personalities with the home as the starting point. Reflecting different lifestyles, the aim of the report is to help you to find your own, personal interior style and to consume smarter. The Family, the Naturbanist, the Connoiseur or the Nowstalgic – which one are you?

The Autumn Trend Report – It will be here soon!

Oslo Design Fair is Norway’s largest trade fair, and an important meeting place for the design and interior decoration industry. On Saturday, Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, our Creative Director, will present the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW16 as part of the programme of talks at the fair.

Sandberg Familj-what goes on in the design studio?

A couple of days ago, the new Familj wallpaper collection started arriving at our retailers. At the design studio, we are really looking forward to hearing what people think about it. We’ve had great fun creating the Familj collection and, for obvious reasons, it has been a genuinely enjoyable process.

Sandberg Familj in Copenhagen!

We’re back in Ulricehamn after a fantastic weekend in Copenhagen, with a media viewing and launch party for our latest collection, Familj. The press release party was held at Lisa Grue’s wonderful studio at Köttbyn in Copenhagen.

The trendiest walls of the season – 3 ways to get a handle on style!

We are steadily getting ready for a new season and it’s time to look at what this means. Autumn is the time for creating beautiful, cosy indoor spaces, and we love it!
The inspirational journeys through Stockholm, Copenhagen and Milano in the spring gave us new and enticing ideas for decorating walls. There is a growing interest in dividing the wall space into different fields, and the perfect way to do this is to use wallpaper. Check, out the following three tricks (as well as the bonus tip!) for making the most of the hottest autumn trend in your own home!

Sandberg in the world

Sandberg wallpaper is represented around the world. We have customers in 50 countries. We always work with devoted people in love with our Scandinavian style and sharing our values. “Home is the start for well being” is true where ever and whatever the circumstances are. My everyday mission to enable beautiful homes takes me as Export Manager on trips around the world. I often get the question how our products are used abroad, which designs are preferred; do people have the same taste in design and color like Swedes? Here, under “Sandberg in the world” I will answer that question.

Sleep well – wallpaper ideas for your bedroom!

The best thing about being on holiday during the summer is that you can follow your own body clock. If, like me, you are an evening person, you can enjoy long, balmy evenings and then sleep as long as your body needs. Personally, I appreciate a calm, harmonious bedroom where the emphasis is on the bed and sleeping.

The story behind my Siri wallpaper!

My pattern portfolio is growing all the time, and some of them mean more than others to me. The very first wall paper I produced as a designer at Sandberg will always hold a special place in my heart. It was a new start, a new adventure and an opportunity to take on a new challenge. Of all the patterns I have created, Siri has become my personal favourite.

The best country wallpapers of the summer!

Summer has arrived and we are enjoying the lazy days. Maybe you are spending time at your country cottage, padding around barefoot on wooden floors wamed by the sun, with a cup of coffee in your hand? Or cosying down indoors with a book, while a rain shower is passing, leaving the whole countryside freshly showered and smelling wonderful? No matter what you’re doing, here are our five top tips for wallpapers for country life, which will let you enjoy the beauty and pleasure of cottage life and summer all year round!

5 wallpaper ideas for hallways - Please come in!

The hallway is the face of your home. The hallway is the first room you enter when you arrive home from nursery, school or work. The hallway is where you greet guests who may be visiting for the first time. The hallway is an important part of the home. A warm, welcoming hallway always gives a great first impression. Here are some suggestions for ideal wallpapers for your hallway.
This light hallway, inspired by the sea, features our Pelle pattern, with its beautifully drawn sailing boats. Pelle suits any sailor with a love for the sea.

Creating the Mandaleen wallpaper

It is the time of year when the peonies are coming into flower, and I’m visiting my parents’ home where the buds are just starting to open and the flowers are emerging in all their amazing glory. My parents have a mature garden, which thrives in the Swedish summer and is full of fruit trees, current bushes, vegetable patches and Dad’s latest project: a stand of hops from which will be used to brew beer in the future (right now, it’s just the odd plant, so it may take some time before we get there – but it’s the thought that counts). Among all these plants, the ones that draw my eye most are the peonies which provide an annual focal point in the middle of the garden. There is something mesmerizing about their impressive colour and size. As is they are standing there in the garden, demanding attention.

Inspiring interior design with wallpaper from Hemnet

Hemnet is a real treasure trove for interior design and inspiration. In recent years the quality of the photographs has improved by leaps and bounds, and there is a phenomenal number of exceptionally gifted stylists and photographers who surpass themselves time after time. As you would expect, we are particularly pleased whenever the stylists use wallpaper, which is a wonderful tool for giving a room character and achieving maximum impact immediately.

Raphael- this year’s most popular wallpaper!

In 2006, we listened to the Gnarles Barkely song ”Crazy” while working in the studio, and were fascinated by the Rorschach test-inspired video. In the same year, the Raphael wallpaper pattern , designed by Daniel Långelid, was unveiled. And there is no doubt that the paint effects featured in the video inspired the pattern, as did antique woven tapestries. We chose to print the pattern using a collagraphy machine, with the wet-on-wet printing technique giving the wallpaper its unique character and a vibrant, tactile finish.

Dreams of summer by the sea – 5 wallpapers for your summer cottage.

I find inspiration in the clear blue sky and the slowly-rising temperature. But also in the garden which is coming to life, sparkling in strong colours we haven’t seen for a while. When the temperature rises, I start thinking about holidays, the sea, the beach, walking through the sand and a cold ice cream. This is the time of the year that starts me thinking about summer cottages and how to decorate them. Imagine decorating your own summer cottage by the sea, using crisp colours like red, blue and white. Classic stripes on the walls, with self-coloured linen fabrics wafting in the summer breeze, as well as other checks and stripes. Here are some pictures that inspire me to dream and long for my own summer cottage.

Welcome to my home!

A little while back, a wonderful film team from JM visited my home. We chatted about my interior design philosophy, what life in our family home is like and what it is like to live in a newly-built house. Since then, I’ve received many questions about what wallpapers I have used on my walls – so now I’m about to tell you!

Springtime inspiration – walls covered in a cascade of stunning flowers

As spring approaches, I love to bring beautiful flowers into my home. Not only a bouquet of spring flowers on a table, but walls decorated in greenery and colourful displays of flowers.

The Sakura is flowering once again!

The cherry trees are in bloom and just like every other year, I feel happy and full of energy. Yesterday, it snowed in many parts of Sweden, but the cherry trees remind us that summer is not far away! I love spring and the promise of light, emerging plants and the return of life.

On the lookout for trends in Milan: 3 clear ones spotted!

Last week saw two major international design events for 2016 - the Milan Furniture Fair and Design Week – and naturally, the Sandberg Wallpaper Design Department team was there to spot the latest trends and experience all the exhibitions for themselves. Here is a rundown of the three most obvious trends by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, Creative Director.

Wallpaper love in Oslo

Our Flora Sandbergica launching tour did a stop in Oslo. In Norway we are known since many years for our Gustavian styled wallpapers. We love Norway, and now we want to dig deeper into the Norwegian soul, opening up hearts using our new Flora Sandbergica wallpapers.

To plant a seed is to believe in Helsinki!

Flora Sandbergica launch in Finland

It was a sunny, early spring day in Helsinki. Clear blue sky and a mild wind predicted light and warmth are on its way back. Chairs moved outside the cafés and small daffodils decorated the tables.


We live in a world of rapid densification. Today, half of the people in the world live in metropolitan regions, and in only 30 years’ time, two-thirds of the world population are expected to live in an urban environment. But the more divorced we become from nature and the countryside, the more we long for our origins and a closeness to the source of our food.


It is difficult for me to be coldly analytical when discussing the Collector, since this is a lifestyle close to my heart and that of my family. Just over two years ago, we fell in love instantly and completely with a run-down and lonely mission hall desperately in need of some TLC. Although it was far from the city and our everyday lives, we couldn’t resist the all the exciting possibilities the building offered, and its exciting history.


Interior design has become both more important and more complicated in our globalised world, where the home has become the heart of our wellbeing. Our aim with the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report SS16 is to guide you through the various expressions current in this season, to find what you like and make it simple for you to invest in things which are easy on the eye and stand up to physical wear for a long time. In this post, we will examine more closely the values and expressions which appeal to the Explorer – perhaps this is you?


When all around feels disturbed and stressed, I believe that the longing for peace and harmony intensifies. We care that what we eat should be wholesome and good for us. Yoga & mindfullness have gained wide acceptance, and we are committed to looking after our physical and spiritual balance. I also see this reflected in our homes and interior design..

Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Rapport SS16

Choosing with care is trendier than ever. We are now launching the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report SS16, which calls for sustainable choices and helps you find your personal decor style.  

Sandberg Wallpaper Style Guide - a journey through the eras

Are you considering a renovation, are you looking for inspiration for your next project, have you bought your dream house and are looking for a style to reflect its origins, or do you simply love historical patterns?

Vinterskog - A new start

A new year and new opportunities. I guess many of you are just like me and enjoy clearing out Christmas knowing that the days now only going to get brighter and brighter, while a thin blanket of snow reflects the light outside the door.

5 smart ways to make the most of your hallway!

It’s a new year, and maybe you’ve promised yourself a more organised lifestyle. Why not start by considering what your hallway looks like and how it is arranged? The hallway is the first room you see when you arrive home on weekdays, and the last room you leave in the morning. The hallway also gives guests a first impression of your home, so make sure it is a reflection of you and your personality!

The 5 steps of renovation!

Over the Christmas break, there is time to look at your home and think about starting new projects. I’m the kind of person who starts energetically stripping the wallpaper in the hallway only an hour before the whole family is due to arrive. But there is a better way to organise a renovation project and achieve a great result. If you take the time to think through a project and plan improvements carefully, the task will often be accomplished more smoothly and quickly!

Color of the Year 2016 by Pantone!

Last week, Pantone, the internationally-acknowledged authority on colours, announced the  Pantone Color of the Year for 2016, and, for the first time in history, not one, but two shades were chosen – a pale pink, Rose Quartz, and a sky-blue tone, Serenity.

Sandberg Tradition- a tribute to the Swedish wallpaper heritage

We have been searching for walls which can tell a story. Our starting point was Sandberg Wallpaper’s own archives, which consist of old wallpapers, sent in and collected by us over years of caring for old houses and rushes of nostalgia.

Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW 2015 Insight on Play

This fall the design team at Sandberg Wallpaper has gone to London to catch up with what is hot or not and we see this playful, happy optimism we call PLAY everywhere...

5 key items from the Lush Wallpaper Trend

Life indulging and a relaxed way of living is key to our trend LUSH, one of four themes in Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015. Finding inspiration from all over the globe this trend truly is about expressing our selves and go with our gut feeling. We want a home that reflects our joy in life and an international lifestyle.

Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW 2015 Insight on Lush

Introducing my talented design colleague, Johanna Vestlin, giving her thoughts on the theme Lush from Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015.Enjoy!

/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper

5 key items from the Essence Wallpaper Trend

Slow living is a keyword in the expression of ESSENCE, one of four themes in Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015. We strive for sustainability and an aware approach to consumption. We don't want to be owned by our things, we want to downsize and spend as much time as we can with our family and friends. All this is reflected in how we decorate our homes, that are so important for us. The Essence expression is all about getting back to basics.

Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report Fw 2015 Insight on Essence

Let me introduce a brilliant design colleague of mine, Sara Bergqvist, giving her insights on the theme Essence from Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015. Enjoy! /Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper 

Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015

The home and it´s interior decoration are growing in importance as our reality is becoming increasingly global. But to find one's own expression in today's immense supply can sometimes be quite difficult. Trends come and go, but how do we relate to them?

Autumn news - Poster SKOG

If you want to have a little bit of SKOG in your home - bring nature inside with our new poster. Printed on matt paper, size 50 x 70 cm and now available in our webshop for accessories. Get your own piece here. 

It feels good to help

There´s a lot of things to be proud of these days. Humanity and kindness seems to be winning ground worldwide.It feels good to help and to see the good will of people.

Close to nature - a new way of living?

This fall is all about nature. We want to bring it inside and embrace every piece of it. The colours, the materials, the structure. The feeling of pureness and wilderness. But what if we dig a little deeper into this trend, what actually lies behind it. Why are we so fascinated and drawn to nature right now? Is it a trend or is it more a way of living? I´ve asked Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson to share her thoughts and insights in this subject.

Skog- the story behind

Sandberg Wallpaper’s collection Skog is inspired by man’s ever greater yearning for nature. Our desire to leave the bustling big city behind and go to places where we can exhale and take a break from the urban online existence.

International wallpaper display competion- See all the winners!

Sandberg Wallpaper  is represented in more than 45 countries around the world. This spring we hosted a display competition among our European dealers.  The winners showed, each and one of them in their own unique style, a display of our collection New York Stories.  

Katarina, a particular kind of wallpaper-love.

After a massive call for the wallpaper ‘Katarina’ through social media we have finally launched the reproduction of this wallpaper in its original design and colour combination. Let us tell you how the story began.

HISTORICAL, Part IV of Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report SS15

HISTORICAL – Updating the throwback This Thursday I gave a speech at Göteborgs Auktionsverk about the Interior Trend for Spring and Summer 2015. A task I attacked with a great deal of humbleness.

5 ideas for a nordical interior

Warm simplicity is a keyword for the nordical interior. Here are five ideas on how to add this look into your home.

NORDICAL, Part III of Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report SS2015

NORDICAL – Warm Simplicity The Nordical theme is really all about the light, the appearance of light and  it´s absence. This time of the year when the light finally is coming back to our latitudes we are jumping out from our cocooned homes and refuse to go inside again. We start celebrating the returning sun with rolling out our grills, cooking outside and after six months in total isolation we enjoy the company of our friends and neighbors.

Intern for a week at Sandberg Wallpaper

Hello! My name is Miriam Parkman. As a second year student at the hand loom- and needle work school Handarbetets Vänner in Stockholm, I've had the incredible honour of being an intern at Sandbergs wallpaper this past week. Quite an experience! I was originally supposed to have my internship week at another company, but they cancelled last minute. I had no hope to find another place on such short notice; I really thought I was screwed. But, I wrote to Sandbergs on Instagram - connecting to my hashtag #miriamsportfolio - and kept my fingers crossed. Luckily they decided they had time to take me in this week and I don't think I've ever recieved such a lovely, heart-warming welcome!

Some GIY tips!

This weekend the great garden fair Nordiska Trädgårdar took place in Stockholm, and even in gardening you can see trends and tendencies in what we do and want with our green plants. One of this season's biggest trends is that we should grow edible plants everywhere, both on the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden. Homegrown vegetables, herbs and fruits are in the loop! We want to be close to our food and so do we at Sandberg also of course.

5 ideas for a botanical interior

With spring just around the corner and the return of the light, so returns our desire to renew our home and make it beautiful. Something is stirring and all of a sudden we feel alive again, like the curious little tulip buds popping up to greet the sun. Here are five ideas on how to develop the BOTANICAL theme in your decorating.

Botanical, part II of Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report SS2015

This time of the year we all would like to think that we have green fingers and start runs to the store buying seeds and soil, making big blooming plans for the season. That's natural and part of our nature being a human being. The theme Botanical pops up every year in the spring when the light comes back and hits us with surprise and the promise of the summer to come. But in the recent years something has happened, the expression of Botanical seems to last all year around! And why is that? Read along and I will tell you why!  

Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report SS2015

Trends comes and goes and can be really hard to relate to. What's right? What's wrong? To find your own personal style in the great range of beautiful things can feel like impossible. We at Sandberg Wallpaper believe that the home is the start for well-beeing. We also think that this trend report, that is a guide to contemporary phenomena, could work as a tool to guide you through and help you find the right feeling and air for your home, expressing your taste. This first blogpost on this theme is an overall guide on this seasons four themes:

Wallpapers for a house built in 1924

Home is the start for well-being. This house built in 1924 has been renovated and decorated with care by its owners. Here lives Eva och Mikael, and their home is truely a place for comfort and warmth. Every room is an experience, they have their own style but it goes so wonderfully well together. A beautiful harmony of colour and pattern. Here you´ll find classic Sandberg wallpapers such as Waldemar, Ivar, Wilma and Rosanna.

Come and see us in Paris!

Right now we are busy getting everything ready for this week's great event! We are packing, fixing and arranging with all the little bits and bobs that are going to be part of our pop-up showroom in Paris for the Deco Off which is taking part parallel with the trade show Maison Objet. Some of us are already traveling tomorrow to set up the showroom and then the rest of us are coming in the next couple of days.

Trendreport from Heimtex 2015

Heimtextil in Frankfurt is a trade fair for wallpaper and textiles, where we go to meet designers, friends in the business, suppliers and to search for the latest wallpaper trends in Europe. This year Stijlinstituut Amsterdam from The Netherlands was responsible for putting the trends for 2015/2016 together under the allover theme Experience, interpreted in the four different trends: