What we put on the walls this spring. 

Written by Sandra Willund, 15 March, 2018

“This spring, we want verdant and patterned wallpaper on the walls. We have moved on from four white walls and we are much more adventurous in both pattern and colour. In our new collection, Arboretum, you can find everything from crisp to more dramatic colours which create a soft and fresh ambience in the home. 706-96_Image4.jpg

Harsyra grå blogg.jpg
Accordingly, this spring we have a beautiful colour palette in which we let the colour take its place in both gentle and more dramatic shades. We choose patterns on walls, furniture and interior details. The overall ambience of the home is given a higher priority, and we are going for more solid types of wood. Our real ambition is to achieve a bright and spring-like ambience without it feeling romantic or retro. The individual trend of mixed objects from retail chains, flea markets and auctions remains, and will become even more striking this spring.
Hassel Ek blogg.jpgWe are leaning more towards wallpapering the whole room, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with just papering one or two walls to give more life to the room.Working with contrasts is always attention-getting in the decorating world, and we are letting black take its place in the world of flowers this spring. Highly-contrasting walls have always been more interesting.Ek blogg.jpgArboretum blogg.jpgArboretet2 blogg.jpgIn Arboretet, an airy and sophisticated pattern, you will see a range of traditional Swedish trees; willow, oak, hazel, beech, quince, maple, ash, Swedish whitebeam, birch and linden. The pattern is rich in detail, yet unfussy. Arboretet blogg rosa.jpg
Here is Arboretet in this spring’s totally hottest colour, pink. It works just as well as in the living room as it does in the kids’ room.

Tip! Painting door and window frames, radiators and dadoes in the same colour as the wallpaper generates a dynamic in the room. The result is both highly-individual and elegant. Notebooks lång blogg.jpg
Ek Notebook blogg.jpg
Why not sketch your dream decor in one of our attractive notebooks. They come in a set of four, with motifs in oak, hazel, Simon’s meadow and wood sorrel.” Click below to see more of our lovely accessories.