Babes in Boyland interpret the Oas collection!

Written by Sandberg, 31 August, 2017


”Our oasis is a place where we have the space and peace to create and be creative. A place with a history and tiny flaws which speak of another time. Close to the natural world and open countryside. A lush garden and fertile soil. A place that is always open for fellowship. Our own little oasis”.


Babes_in_Boyland-Sandberg_oas-3 (1)_1.jpg


”This assignment really was a delight to do. Both in that we got to work with products which inspired us and that we had creative freedom. Appropriately enough, we found our own oasis during the summer, an old ”soldier’s cottage” which became a recording location. Everything fell into place quite naturally, and the film grew over a number of days at the end of the summer. We have created a day in our own oasis – from morning until evening.”

Matilda & Nathalie






Babes in Boyland is a creative duo who began working together in 2011. Matilda Hildingsson is the photographer and filmmaker, and Nathalie Myrberg is the stylist. They also run the Babes in Boyland blog together, and the Instagram account, @babes_in_boyland, focusing on slow living, sustainability and closeness to nature.