Black and white wallpaper – for an exclusive and luxurious feeling!

Written by Sandberg, 28 September, 2017

Black and white is a classic combination. There is an elegance and excitement to black and white wallpaper. Black and white wallpaper is also easy to match to other furnishings in your home.



In this bathroom, our Österbro wallpaper is combined with a classic white tile – delightful and unique.




Striped wallpaper is timeless and lasting, year after year. Vertical stripes make the walls seem higher, while horizontal stripes give an impression of length. Magnus and William are classics in Sandbergs’ wallpaper range.



Our Ture is a geometrical pattern which adds attitude and personality to a room.

Tip! A wooden crate makes an ideal book rest or bedside table, adding a personal touch to your bedroom.



You will happily spend hours in this lovely bedroom. It’s light, airy and modern, with its contemporary dotted wallpaper. We call this pattern Vatten, the Swedish word for water, and the dots are like watercolour paint which flows out to form soft shapes.

Tip! If you want to see how particular wallpapers would suit your own home, you are welcome to order swatches to try against your wall. Look at the swatches in both day and evening light, to make sure that they suit your home. It’s easy to order swatches from our range, just click on the link below.