Blue wallpaper in the bedroom that makes a difference.

Written by Sandra Willund, 25 January, 2018

As we have written about before, we launched a charity project during our training days, in partnership with our Swedish retailers. The basis of the project was to colour one of our most popular wallpaper patterns in a new colourway. This resulted in over 10 different versions, each with its own rationale. Our design studio selected two of these colourways, one green and one blue, and the ultimate winner was then selected by vote on Facebook. Here you can see the winning pattern in blue in Caroline and Christian’s bedroom.

Raphael_Blogg2.jpgAn awful lot is happening as regards decor at Caroline and Christian’s home, and visiting them is always inspiring. Both of them have an intense interest in decorating and furnishing, and they love to find older objects that they can modify and rework.Raphael_blogg1.jpgChristian wallpapered the bedroom, and his carpentry skills are also in evidence in the headboard and cabinet. The cabinet is made from an old window which Caroline found at a flea market. It is usually she who finds the old objects and comes up with the ideas, and Christian who takes care of the carpentry. The rug is from Jotex, the bedside table from Kartell and the bedside lamp from Olsson and Jensen.Raphael_blogg3.jpgThe bedroom is seldom at the centre of attention, yet it is one of the most important rooms in the home. We spend a lot of time in the bedroom, and that is where we rest and recuperate. What should you actually have in mind when you decorate a bedroom? Some research has been carried out on the best colours for a bedroom, and the conclusion was that people sleep longer in a blue bedroom. It has also been shown that the colour blue reduces blood pressure and calms us down, as well as enabling us to perform more effectively. As far as pattern is concerned, a large-patterned wallpaper often provides a more relaxing atmosphere.Raphael_blogg4.jpgOur Raphaël pattern is produced in a total of 6 different colours, using the collagraphy technique. Collagraphy is the old, traditional method of printing wallpaper. The printing is carried out using rollers on which the pattern is carved, and the wet-on-wet technique gives an almost hand-painted feel, with the colours running into each other, creating a layer-upon-layer effect. The generous layers of colour flow out to form irregular, beautiful and vibrant patterns. There is a depth and a lustre which are impossible to recreate using modern machinery.Rafael_blogg.jpgThe pattern has been produced in a limited edition, and, for every roll sold, SEK 200 is being donated to the UNHCR.

The UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is at the forefront in protecting people who are fleeing from war and persecution. It provides emergency aid, fights for human rights and implements measures to ensure a better future.

We are exceptionally proud of this project, and would like to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has become involved and for the generous response we have received. All the rolls have now been sold, so SEK 28,000 has been donated to the UNHCR. We hope that this initiative will inspire other people to do something similar. No one can hope to do everything, but all of us can do something, and together we can make a difference, Last week, we visited Karolina and Christian, who won a CEO with wallpapering skills. If you would like to see how their kitchen was transformed through Raphael and our CEO, Fredrik Nilsson, take a look here. To see Raphael in more colourways, click on the button below.