Decor with the trendiest colour this season.

Written by Sandra Willund, 05 April, 2018

We have, as you may now know, abandoned the white walls and made our move towards more colour and pattern. The absolute hottest colour right now is pink. More and more homes take in all shades of pink. Pastel, vintage, powder pink and even bold pink.

Sten Sandberg wallpaper .jpg
Sten, from the collection Oas, has a light pink shade that makes it suitable in the modern home.
Arboretet, from our latest collection, is a classic wallpaper with golden trees on a pink back drop. We think this wallpaper is particularly suitable in the dining room and kids room.
Rosa tapet sandberg wallpaper
Linne is a plain wallpaper that is inspired by natural linen. Its structure gives the room a soft and cosy atmosphere that is suitable anywhere in the home.
Skal rosa tapet Sandberg wallpaper
Skal is a wallpaper in powder pink with golden details. Perfect in the kids room.
Ella Rosa tapet Sandberg wallpaper
Ella has different shades of pink with oval dots.526-03_William
William is a classic stripe in pink. If you are seeking a more contemporary look this is the wallpaper for you. Combine it with another wallpaper or dress all four walls in this modern classic. Rosa tapet sandberg wallpaper Einar
Einar, a classic pattern from our collection Villa Dalarö. It has a petite geometrical pattern with golden details that is suitable in any room.LOLo, in two different shades of pink. To the left a fresh colourway in pink, lemon, green and inky blue. To the right a mild colourway in pastoral shades, with the pattern reflecting the light. 

You´ll find some more pink inspiration below.