Verdant new wallpaper pattern - Arboretum

Written by Sandra Willund, 05 March, 2018

We are now offering a sneak peek at the soon-to-be launched wallpaper collection, Arboretum, a botanical collection with 11 totally new organic patterns centred on greenery. Arboretum has a range of native Swedish trees, Oak, Hazel, Willow, Beech and Quince, each of which has its own wallpaper. This is a modern take on classic patterns which are firmly rooted in our Swedish soil. 
Arboretum Inspo.jpgThe wallpaper patterns come in a fresh colour palette in which lively greens, deep and powerful forest colours and dramatic shades go hand-in-hand with soft sun-bleached and delicate neutral tones. The impression is crisp, graceful and elegant, but yet deep, daring and full of life. Let yourself sink into Sandberg’s Arboretum.

Skiss Simon.jpg
Simon, who showed us the meadow with great enthusiasm, explained that mowing meadows was a common feature in former times, but that the diversity of plants had decreased noticeably, and there are only a few meadows left nowadays. He told us that “people” today have no idea what a mowing meadow is, and how significant it really is for the natural cycle. 
Our designer, Karolina Kroon, has drawn the Simons Äng [Simon’s Meadow] with a selection of typical Swedish meadow flowers. The pattern shows elegant details and the fresh colours give an airy feel to any room. Karolina drew her inspiration for the pattern from the "real" Simons Äng, just outside Jönköping, on the Granshult Västergård Estate. The estate is run by Simon and Caroline Jonegård, and the wallpaper takes its name from Simon. 
Skisser Simon.jpgKarolina painted around 20 original drafts of various flowers and made her selection from those. The majority of the flowers are in Simon’s meadow, but she later added a few flowers which she thought were attractive, with Simon’s consent. 

The result is a summer meadow with elegant meadow flowers in crisp colours which I am sure many people will recognise and can relate to, not least from their childhoods.
Titbit: there are nine meadow flowers in the pattern; lady’s mantle, bitter vetch, wood sorrel, buttercup, maidenhair spleenwort, birds-eye speedwell, white clover, maiden pink and heath violet.
Simonsäng blogg.jpg
We also wanted to have a more exuberant pattern in the Arboretum collection. One focusing on fruit to give larger areas of colour and provide contrast for leaf and flower. Our designer, Sara Bergqvist, told us that, at the beginning of summer she sat in a wonderful bower on the Gåvetorp farm in Småland in southern Sweden, when she began to sketch designs and colours for the Kvitten (quince) pattern. Kvitten is an exciting and almost forgotten fruit, native to Sweden. When I had worked out the idea of how the design and size would look, I sketched out the pattern on a 1:1 scale, and painted the original in gouache on watercolour paper back home in my flat in Gothenburg. 
Skiss Kvitten 2.jpg
Sara explains, “I am well aware that the wallpaper pattern will almost certainly be seen as lemons, which does work, and is a little bit cool. I have had lots of discussions with both family and friends on what type of tree the quince is. There are two varieties of quince, of which the flowering quince is the more common variety in Sweden, and the quince is more common around the Mediterranean. You could say that I have made an interpretation of both, and merged the larger fruit and the beautiful flowers in a single tree.” 
Kvitten tapet.jpg
Kvitten blogg.jpg
Have a little patience, in just a few days you will be able to see more of this exquisite collection. Arboretum will be unveiled on 14 March. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Until then you can listen to our Arboretum playlist.