Green wallpaper in 1930s villa - Sandberg out and about.

Written by Sandra Willund, 01 March, 2018

Today we have been invited to see around Frida’s magnificent 1930s villa, which is filled with green wallpaper. The villa is in the little village of Tvärålund in Västerbotten County in northern Sweden. 
Frida lives in the house along with her husband, Anders, their sons Axel, 9 and Viktor, 7, and with two moggies and a spoiled mongrel dog. They bought the house in 2009, when they were expecting Viktor, and it was ready for moving into in autumn 2010.Diana2_Frida.jpg

What was it about the house that attracted you?

”We fell for the size of the house, and the fact that it had not been totally renovated over the years. All that had been done with it was maintenance, so there was lots of potential!
Diana_Frida.jpgThe house was built as a villa for a forestry factor, and, in the 1950s, it was sold to a forestry worker and his family. They renovated the house with great care, and all the beautiful details, such as doors, door and window frames and stairs were original from the 1930s.Dianan_frida.jpg
”We also liked the layout of the house, so we haven’t made any major changes. But the entrance was very small, and led straight into the residential area, with a door on the left for anyone with business in the factor’s office. We demolished the wall to create a larger and more welcoming hall. Then we painted all the walls white while we took our time wallpapering almost every room.   

I love wallpaper and its ability to bring a room to life and make the most of its dimensions”.
Have you learnt anything as you created your dream home? 

Yes, we learned that everything takes 3 times as long as you thought it would, and it is essential that you allow yourself enough time.

Name: Frida Lundgren @froken.frida 

Age: 34
Occupation: Nurse at the nursery school in my little village.
Home: In the village of Tvärålund, in Västerbotten in northern Sweden.
Family: Husband Anders, sons Axel, nine and Viktor, seven, two moggies and a spoiled little mongrel dog.

What makes you happy?

Fresh year, the sea, kids, good food and coffee on my own in the early morning.

What inspires you?

Natural light and textures.

How would you describe your decor?

Hm... rustic bohemian with a quiet flirt with the eclectic.Diana3_Frida.jpgFavourite thing? 

My kitchen island! Every time! It is a remodelled sideboard from my mother’s grandmother, and my namesake, Frida’s store. Some of the cabinets still smell of cloves and coffee.  

What would you absolutely not have at home?

Fifty shades of matt grey, sterile children’s rooms or the colour pink.

What is your favourite wallpaper? 

Lilljekonvalj in the bedroom, and Waldemarin the guestroom.
Frida_sovrum (kopia).jpgWaldemar_Frida.jpg
3 favourite accounts on Instagram.

@bintihome @annikas_kattguld and @wunderblumen.Diana_frida2.jpgIs there anything you would like to recommend?

Follow your heart and your own style - do what you do best, and the result will follow.

Our heartfelt thanks to Frida for allowing us to look around her home. Check out her excellent Instagram account @froken.frida for more beautiful and inspiring pictures. 

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