How to hang wallpaper

Written by Sandberg, 22 February, 2018

Wallpapering is a quick and easy way to renew your home and much easier than you might think. We have put together a simple step-by-step guide with our best tips on how to hang wallpaper. 

1. These tools make the job easier.  
verktyg blogg.jpg
1. Spirit level
2. Roller
Folding rule 
4. Sponge and a bucket of water 
5. Brush 
6. Plumb line
7. Seamroller 
8. Pencil  
9. Spatula
10. Wallpaper knife/blade and scissors

2. Make sure that you have a smooth surface to work on. Remove any loose bits of paper and use a filler if needed. 
3. Remove nails and other fittings that are attached to the wall. Remember to fill larger holes before hanging you wallpaper.
4. Turn of the electricity supply and loosen any fittings.
5. If you are using a light wallpaper on a dark surface you might need to add a base layer of paint to avoid the underlay shining through. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before hanging your first strip of wallapper. 
6. Apply your adhesive directly onto the wall. Put plenty on so that it covers 1.5 strips of paper at one time. This way, you make sure that the whole width of the wallpaper is resting on the glue.

7. Use a brush for corners and edges to ensure that you are not leaving any part of the wall dry.
8. If you are unsure of how much paste you have applied you can try drawing an "S" with your finger. If you get a clear "S", like the picture below, you have applied enough paste.TAPETSKOLA LIMTEST blogg2.jpg9. Pull the wallpaper up towards the ceiling and fasten it at the top. Work your way downwards and outwards with your hand and spatula to smoothing out any airbubbles. 
Tapetskola tapetvåd.jpg
10. Check that your wallpaper hangs straight by hanging the plumb line alongside it. Alternatively, use a spiritlevel and draw a reference line. If your wallpaper isn't straight it is better to remove it and start again. Don't force it into place as this can cause it to tear.TAPETSKOLA VATTENPASS blogg.jpg
11. Press down at the top of the wallpaper and cut of the remaining paper with your blade.
Tapetskola tapetkniv .jpg12. Make sure that the bottom of the wallpaper is properly stuck on and trim of the excess above the skirting board. Replace your blade often to ensure you are getting a clean cut. Please remember that a wallpaper knife has two edges!TAPETSKOLA_SKÄR blogg.jpg13. Wipe of any excess glue with a damp sponge. Have a bucket of water ready to hand and rinse your sponge after each strip of wallpaper. Be gentle and wipe down the whole length to avoid streaks. TAPETSKOLA SVAMP blogg.jpg
If I can do it, you can do it. Good Luck and don't forget to have fun while wallpapering.  

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