Kitchen wallpaper – Inspiration for your kitchen!

Written by Sandberg, 12 October, 2017

The kitchen is a natural focal point in the home, where we eat and interact with family and friends. It is truly the heart of the home.


Photo & Styling: Daniella Witte

A material such as wood gives a mellow effect, and a warm and cosy atmosphere. In this kitchen, the painted Kalk wallpaper from the Skog collection has a surface similar to lime plaster. The beautiful dark wood flooring along with the chairs from the In Between range by Sami Kallio from &tradition softens the room. To update the ambience, black details, such as the shoemaker’s lamp and the attractive black side table, have been added.


Raphael blå_2.jpg

Photo: Cécilia Blachas

In this kitchen, it is the Raphael wallpaper along with the Beat lamps from Tom Dixon that catch the eye.

Tip! A sideboard is both beautiful and practical. It lets you display a still life and store frequently-used items close to hand.



Styling: Per Wennberg. Photo: Karl Andersson

Brass and copper add warmth to a kitchen that would otherwise seem cold and austere. Here, a light wooden floor has been selected, along with a black wainscot and our wallpaper Else-Marie, to give a mellow and brighter setting in the kitchen. The marble-topped table and the classic Y-chairs designed by Hans J. Wegner add a modern touch. 




Photo: Anders Bergstedt, Stylist: Joanna Bagge

This exceptional kitchen blends old and new. Note the lovely worn patina on the wooden floor. The smooth white unit doors and the white smeg fridge set off the Ava wallpaper perfectly. Lamp, Tom Dixons Mirror Ball.



Photo: Pinterest

A rustic kitchen is never out of place! This kitchen was designed with an eye to the long term. The open storage combined with our Rut wallpaper, the Smeg fridge, the Kitchen Aid food processer and the cream kitchen unit will never date.



Photo & Styling: Jenny Brandt Dosfamily

Jenny has created a kitchen for the fun-loving family. The shiny plastic chairs and the black table combine with the World map wallpaper from the Familj collection to make a striking kitchen.


Why not plan your kitchen project at home without stress. Take the time to look, feel, tweak and turn. Order wallpaper swatches from our ordering service below, and let your heart choose.