Patterned wallpaper in a 1920's house.

Written by Sandra Willund, 19 February, 2018

The house is in Ulricehamn, and was one of the first to be built in the area. It is a beautiful and well-planned house, with a large and leafy garden and with the murmur of the small brook in the background.
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Even though the house has undergone a total restoration, it has been done carefully, to preserve and nourish its soul. Each room has its own spirit, and despite all the patterns, there is a sweet harmony between the rooms.
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Eva in her kitchen with the Juniflora wallpaper on the walls.

Eva explains that they carried out all the internal renovation themselves. ”We did pretty much all of it together. When we wallpaper, I cut it to width and apply the paste, while Mikael hangs it on the walls”.

In this fantastically beautiful 1920s house, there is actually a riot of patterns. Every room in the house is papered, and when you walk between the rooms, you are struck by Eva and Mikael’s passion for pattern and colour. Eva tells us that a colleague of hers, who has never been particularly keen on patterns, was "converted" after a visit to Eva’s home. She had been convinced that it would feel really confused with so many different wallpaper patterns, but she noticed how peaceful it actually can feel.
What were your thoughts when you selected the wallpapers for the house?

I wanted the wallpaper to feel appropriate for a house built in the 1920s, and I actually like colour and patterns. But at the same time, I wanted to create a sense of harmony.
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How did you go about finding the leitmotif and creating a balance between the rooms?

We chose everything from the "Sandberg” brand, which made it so much easier to match. You can just pick patterns that you like from different collections, and they always match.
How did you preserve the soul of the house during the renovation? 

We began by sanding the floors to bring out the beautiful pure wood floors which had been hidden under plastic carpet. Then we painted and renovated the skirting board where it was already in place, and ordered new skirting in the same style for the rest of the house. We also tried to preserve the old ceilings, but some of them were in very poor condition, and had to be replaced. 
We replaced the cladding and windows a few years ago. The windows were manufactured by Mockfjärd in the same style as the old ones, and the cladding is now horizontal.
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Eva and Mikael decorated their 1920s home with heart and sensitivity, using several classic Sandberg patterns on the walls. These include WaldemarWilma and Juniflora. The pattern mix and the colour choices give the house a personal character and it is warmly welcoming.

What should you bear in mind when you decorate a 1920s house?

Well, I can give you some advice and suggestions before you choose the wallpaper. One of the most characteristic features of the 1920s is art deco. The concept was coined during the World Fair in Paris in 1925, which was also where Swedish design made its great international breakthrough. Art déco, short for the French art décoratif "decorative art", was a reaction against industrial mass production.  

The Swedish design idiom excelled in its use of intricate and playful decorations, taking its inspiration from days gone by, and with a suggestion of functionalism. A delicate, easy elegance, which we now call Swedish Grace. Patterns which fit well with the genre and create a beautiful sense of the 1920s are OttoKungsholmand Grace. A simpler, more austere idiom which gives character to the room without dominating it. If you would prefer a stronger impression, you can select one of the darker and more dramatic colourways, such as Gracein black and turquoise.
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Here you can clearly see the beautiful wooden flooring along with the Wilma wallpaper and the curtains, both designed by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson for Sandberg Wallpaper. “I think I will never replace the wallpaper or the curtains here”, says Eva. “I love these patterns”.
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Vardagsrum Eva.jpg
The living room is wallpapered with the Ivar pattern from Sandberg Wallpaper.Eva_rut.jpgWhat will your next project be?

Our next project will be the hall & the stairs to the upper floor. We plan on painting and papering, and also on fitting a new wooden floor. The guestroom, with the delightful roses on the walls is a little romantic dream. 

What makes you happy?

Our house makes me really happy! Quite simply, I love it.

Where do you find inspiration?

Newspapers and Instagram. 

Only you describe your decorating style?

Classical/modern. I mix things which I like, and I want it to feel snug with curtains. 

Have you a favourite gadget?

No, I can’t say that I have a particular favourite gadget, I like everything here at home.

What would you absolutely not have in your home?

Plastic flowers.

Your favourite wallpaper?


3 favourite Instagram accounts.

vinklarochvrarkikongo_gardendesign and livetiklockis.

We would like to thank Eva for a wonderful afternoon.

Pia & Sandra