RAND Scandinavian stripes - striped wallpaper for your entired home!

Written by Sara Bergqvist, 19 January, 2017


When we created the RAND collection, our aim was to produce a crisp, Scandinavian look which will work well as a base in many homes. The light, clean expression is a common theme, and we have used colours as effectively as possible. Stripes can be used anywhere, from narrow hallways to spacious living rooms. It’s a look where the elegant touch meets modern colourways in tune with the zeitgeist.




Our stripes can be combined and matched with both patterned and self-coloured surfaces from our range. The collection includes many safe options which ensure that your interior can take centre stage.


In creating the collection, we aimed for simplicity with energy, where we played with stripes as a starting point.

We were inspired by travel and cities, and decided to focus closely on Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Each capital has a pattern named after different city districts, and we have, in various ways, played with the idea of what a stripe can be. To give one example, Copenhagen’s lovely Österbro, with a hint of marble and exciting angles.


The classic striped shirt and the Breton stripe of the fashion world has also been woven into the collection. Here you see it in Emilia, where we have created a light, elegant look. The collection acts like the classic base garments of a wardrobe which work whatever the occasion. The light, graphic walls demonstrate that a simple, classic look can be effective, fun and modern!


Stripes are never out of fashion!


/Sara Bergqvist, designer