Raphael- this year’s most popular wallpaper!

Written by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, 23 June, 2016

In 2006, we listened to the Gnarles Barkely song ”Crazy” while working in the studio, and were fascinated by the Rorschach test-inspired video. In the same year, the Raphael wallpaper pattern , designed by Daniel Långelid, was unveiled. And there is no doubt that the paint effects featured in the video inspired the pattern, as did antique woven tapestries. We chose to print the pattern using a collagraphy machine, with the wet-on-wet printing technique giving the wallpaper its unique character and a vibrant, tactile finish.


The printing process uses rollers into which the pattern has been carved, like stamp printing. Individual print colours are added to separate rollers, and the pattern is built up gradually and systematically. The generous layers of colour spread out and form irregular, beautiful and vibrant patterns. There is a depth and lustre which is impossible to recreate using modern machinery. Standing next to the machine and watching skilled printers conjuring up the wallpapers is like watching a magic show.


The Raphael wallpaper pattern has become a classic in the Sandberg range, and decorates walls and homes all over the world, attracting overwhelming attention from bloggers from as far apart as east-coast USA to Paris and Berlin in Europe. The pattern has often featured on Pinterest and has its own Instagram hashtag #raphaelwallpaper!


Demand for the intense blue original colour scheme from 2006 grew so much that we decided to restart production, once again adding it to our range. Check it out HERE.


This wallpaper has now earned a place in the number 1 lifestyle book, The Kinfolk Home, in the home of the blogger, Le Dansla, after she used it to decorate a stunning children’s room. The philosophy behind Kinfolk, which encourages slow living, sustainability and making the home the focal point for both recovery and family life, is something which we at Sandberg Wallpaper can really identify with.


And obviously, I don’t want to be left behind. The lovely Raphael wallpaper, which I love as much now as I did then, is now decorating the wall in our newly-built dining room, which finally has been given the finishing touch it has demanded for so long!


But even I was a bit surprised to find that my final choice, rather unexpectedly, fell on a ten year old wallpaper – but sometimes these things are meant to be. As the saying goes: ”true (wallpaper) love is forever”.
And that old tune, Crazy, where do I stand on that? I still love it, how about you?
/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson
Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper