Retreat with Babes in boyland on island of Gotland.

Written by Katrin Bååth, 16 November, 2017

Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper 12.jpgBabes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper 3.jpgBabes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper.jpgI spent last weekend on the beautiful island of Gotland.

I stayed at the Hotel Stelor, along with a fantastic crowd of creative people, for a retreat with our friends, Babes in Boyland. You know, the creative duo behind our wonderful film on the OAS collection. Babes in boyland Sandberg.jpgThe first day saw us in the studio, styling and photographing cakes and other fun things.Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper_1.jpgBehind the scenes, things were not nearly so neat and styled.Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper_2.jpgThat’s where Linnea, Fabienne, Matilde and Nathaliewere fussing about lights and camera settings.Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper_flower.jpgBabes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper Cake.jpgAfter a delightful three-course vegetarian meal with my new friends, it was lovely to snuggle down in a warm and cosy hotel bed.Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper 6.jpgSaturday morning got off to an excellent start with new-baked bread, yoghurt and egg for breakfast, and then it was time for wreath-making.Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper_flowers.jpgThe florist, Åsa, showed us the secrets to making up a wreath, and then we were on our own.Babes in boyland Sandberg Walppaper 4.jpgCreativity flourished, and everyone ran around searching for materials and inspiration. As you can see, there was always a camera of some sort at the ready.Babes in boyland krans.jpgSome of the wreaths were simple and slim.Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper 5.jpgOthers were larger and more substantial.Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper Kimono.jpgHere Ulrika has her hands full hanging up wreaths ready for the photography. See how nicely this wreath goes with our kimono in the Malin pattern.Babes in boyland SandbergWallpaper.jpgAnd our letter paper, Lo, looks so good with a little floral residue and an old pair of scissors.Babes in boyland Sandberg-Wallpaper.jpgEach of us was totally engrossed in our own part of the creation.Babes_in_boyland Sandberg Wallpaper -1.jpgBabes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper dukning.jpgBabes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper_-1.jpgThe evening session involved setting and styling of an ensemble in which we combined all the wreaths in an attractive display. How cool it is when a whole gang of creative types gets to work together and create together.Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper 10 (4).jpgSunday began gently with yoga and packing, and then we were off to Maria Form Keramik, where we learned to throw, roll and decorate.Babes in boyland Sandberg Wallpaper 9.jpgBabes in boyland Sandberg-keramik.jpgBabes in boyland Sandberg-03812_2.jpgBabes in boyland Sandberg-Mokkasin.jpgSofia was a natural on the potter’s wheel.Babes in boyland Sandberg-keramik_2.jpgI threw a bowl myself, but I focused most on rolling and shaping these small dishes. I wanted them to be a little rough and imperfect.Babes in boyland Sandberg-window.jpgWell, that’s my summing up of a wonderfully creative and inspiring weekend in our own special oasis. And on that topic, did you know that we have created our own OAS (oasis) play list on Spotify, which is the perfect companion in these dark days of autumn. You can find it below.


Have a lovely weekend!