Sandberg Familj-what goes on in the design studio?

Written by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, 02 September, 2016

A couple of days ago, the new Familj wallpaper collection started arriving at our retailers. At the design studio, we are really looking forward to hearing what people think about it. We’ve had great fun creating the Familj collection and, for obvious reasons, it has been a genuinely enjoyable process.

We wanted to create a playful backdrop to everyday life with the family as the centre point, a place where there is space for different personalities and interests. A tolerant, welcoming and optimistic circle which believes in the future and where everyone may join in!

With this in mind, I myself, Johanna Vestlin and Sara Bergqvist started to draw the collection in the design studio. The starting point for the process was what we wanted the design to express – a circle where you can act naturally, where differences are seen as fun and enriching. And where we, as designers, enjoy sketching in different ways!


I love using gouache. On a sunny day, I sat down and played around with designs which later ended up as the Hillevi pattern. I named it after my niece, a rather strong-willed 2-year old with golden hair and enough charm to melt glaciers!

When we work together as a team, it’s important to try to visualise your thoughts and ideas. That’s when the walls of the studio may look like this. It was important to us that the collection should cover all aspects of the playful home, that it should include wallpapers which look great in the kitchen, bedroom, children’s rooms, hallway and so on.

The inspiration for colours may be found anywhere. Here, we decided to use one shade and a range of bright colours. This resulted in …

…me digging out my daughter’s SprayZa pen and starting to play with it! I translated the blown pattern into the Oscar wallpaper which is available in this vibrant pattern, but also in a more subdued grey/pink which originated in the first mood board above.

A word which we returned to again and again was ”togetherness”. And we felt that this was a worldwide concept. The word for family is very similar in many languages, but the make-up of a family can vary endlessly. And we quickly realised that we needed a map of the world for the collection, so Sara Bergqvist started drawing it in ink.

And doesn’t it look great! The family can all mark where they would like to travel, or where they have friends or simply daydream against the beautiful pattern which represents neither borders nor limitations.

The whole collection is styled and photographed by Jenny Brandt, and we believe that she’s captured our idea of a living, breathing and tolerant home perfectly! The collection also includes patterns by Johanna Skånmyr and Lisa Grue. Find out more about these HERE.
I hope you like it! The design process has been fun and inspiring, educational and challenging. In other words, just like life can be!
/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson
Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper