Sandberg in the world

Written by Annika Mårtensson, 02 August, 2016

Sandberg wallpaper is represented around the world. We have customers in 50 countries. We always work with devoted people in love with our Scandinavian style and sharing our values. “Home is the start for well being” is true where ever and whatever the circumstances are. My everyday mission to enable beautiful homes takes me as Export Manager on trips around the world. I often get the question how our products are used abroad, which designs are preferred; do people have the same taste in design and color like Swedes? Here, under “Sandberg in the world” I will answer that question.

Let´s start Far East, in Japan!


This is Tokyo, a personal favorite city to visit. 35, 7 million people make it the world biggest. So space is limited and valuable! With “eyes for the detail” in everything, from the complicated subway system to the Lacquer products, the city works. I say it´s a dream for every mother as people are so polite and toilets impeccable.


Like this toilet- so beautiful with Amelie wallpaper.


There are several gardens in Tokyo and in this home they wanted to create an in-house garden, with Waldemar design all around.


A kid's room, with Lilly wallpaper and wooden oak flooring, looks very Scandinavian.  Our new collection Familj, with focus on the modern family will be launched August 17th.


In Japan Sandberg is also used in shops. Here a shoe store with Gaston. With love for both shoes and wallpaper - a perfect match.


A teenager brand in Japan use Alma in all shops and fitting rooms.


This is Sakura, inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom in spring time, something extra ordinary to experience live. But this is still on my “to do list”.


In Japan we work with Wa Ltd and Miss Miko Shirahama since many years. Thank you for sharing your projects with us, Miko san! Japanese taste seems to be quite similar to ours in Scandinavia. We hope for many more nice projects!


Annika Mårtensson

Export Manager/Sandberg Wallpaper