Sandberg Tradition- a tribute to the Swedish wallpaper heritage

Written by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, 01 December, 2015

We have been searching for walls which can tell a story. Our starting point was Sandberg Wallpaper’s own archives, which consist of old wallpapers, sent in and collected by us over years of caring for old houses and rushes of nostalgia.



Our search took us to Stola Säteri, Sweden’s best-preserved Carolean manor, with its breathtakingly beautiful Gustavian ambience.



We then went on to Villa Strömsfors, a splendid Art Nouveau villa built in the early 20th Century, now dreaming the daysaway at the site of a former clothing factory but about to be brought to back to life once more like Sleeping Beauty.



We stumbled on Göteborgs Auktionsverk, where a fascinating collection of old objects wanted to tell us about both our past and our own days.



We continued out into the countryside, where small, abandoned cottages covered in flaking paint held stories of the people who lived out their lives there. More than once during our travels did we think ”if only the walls could speak, what would they tell us?”. Beyond doubt the home is and remains the foundation of our wellbeing.



This is a declaration of love to Swedish wallpaper art and the craft skills we so enthusiastically embrace at our wallpaper factory in Ulricehamn.

The result is a collection of wallpapers, a journey through time, with visits to different epochs from the 18th Century to the 1920s. Tradition is a collection all of its own, here and now, completely relevant today. Eight wonderful patterns for those who delight in timelessness and tradition – designs which bridge the centuries.


If you want a glance at the collection, click HERE.

If you want to order samples of wallpaper to see what they will look like on your walls, click HERE.


I hope you like what you see and can find your own personal favourite! My own favourite is the light grey Rosenholm, which will soon be decorating my kitchen!


Best wishes

/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson

Creative Director, Sandberg Wallpaper