Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW 2015 Insight on Lush

Written by Johanna Vestlin, 15 October, 2015

Introducing my talented design colleague, Johanna Vestlin, giving her thoughts on the theme Lush from Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015. Enjoy!

/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper

Sandberg_blog_Johanna_skogWith a background as an interior designer with a special interest in hotel design I find the trend Lush extra interesting. Over the last period of time we have seen an increasing amount of traveling, both business and leisure. This paves the way for many newly built hotels, especially in the world’s larger cities. During this time the hotel industry truly has begun to understand the power of design as a marketing value.

Sandberg_blog_ace_hotel_london_comunity_table When your work no longer has to be done in a factory or an office, why not do it in an urban meltingpot such as Ace Hotel in London? When an original, individual design experience becomes a corner stone for competition the goal is to stand out and produce a buzz. At a time when property images are coherent and less personal the hotel world on the other hand offers so much personality and nerve.

Sandberg_blog_ilse_crawford_ett_hem_brass A great example of a personal luxury boutique hotel is Ett Hem in Stockholm designed by Ilse Crawford. Here she and her studio have made it their design concept to offer homely, yet elegant, stay. They achieve this by using a carefully selected base of oak, brass, leather, velvet and muted colors in combination with an eccentric choice of art and props.

Sandberg_blog_marble_marmor_gron_green_brass_grapic_grafiskt Luxurious materials such as marble and brass are key in this trend. We also see a flirt with art deco and it’s bold graphic patterns.

Sandberg_blog_Madison_Manhattan Patterns used are preferably bold and the color palette may very well be darker and offers an embracing atmosphere. Props, textiles and art are preferably a selected mix of artefacts from around the world. This whole trend can be seen as a reaction against our tendency to act as if we’re in a recession when there in fact is none.

Sandberg_Trend_Lush_Manhattan I hope you find this trend as appealing and inspirational as I do!

If you want to download the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015 you can do it here.

/Johanna Vestlin, Designer at Sandberg Wallpaper