Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report Fw 2015 Insight on Essence

Written by Sara Bergqvist, 07 October, 2015

Let me introduce a brilliant design colleague of mine, Sara Bergqvist, giving her insights on the theme Essence from Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015. Enjoy! /Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper 

Sandberg_blog_Sara Sandberg_blog_lantlig_idyll I spent this weekend in Gåvetorp, the farm where my boyfriend grew up in the south of Sweden. We spent all day teaching the neighbors how to prepare and brew your own beer and what kind of hops to grow. The interest in the process and product was great and now we’re hoping to start up a local mini brewery together with all the neighbors. We’re all looking forward to the first tasting! Sandberg_blog_humle We ended the day with an abundance of food we all helped cook, ranging from pies with chanterelles and porcinis from the forest to vegetables grown in the garden. And of course some beer from our earlier batches to help understand the different nuances in taste and color different kinds of hops and malt contributes with. Sandberg_blog_Faviken We see an immense interest in food and its origin both in our homes and in restaurants. Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson runs Fäviken Magasinet in Jämtland where the food, with only a few exceptions, comes from the restaurants surrounding nature. The ingredients are carefully grown, picked and pickled to create a sustainable and enjoyable experience for the customers. The restaurant has been named as one of the top ten best in the world and with great care and knowledge of the product Fäviken attracts food enthusiasts from all over the world. In the Netflix series Chef’s table Magnus said “The dish is never better than its ingredients”. This pretty much sums up the idea of Essence; you need to know your material to ensure the quality of your product. Sandberg_blog_leather_tools We want to learn more about the way our products are made and how to make them ourselves. With the right tools and materials we create our own leather goods and clothes lasting many years to come. Sandberg_blog_Kinfolk_dinner An important part of our lives is the gathering with family and friends, a value that Kinfolk magazine explores together with ways for their readers to simplify their lives and cultivate community. We value the time we spend together and dinners often lasts many hours with dishes we all help put together and happily share recipes for. Everybody is welcome and the big wooden table is the given meeting space and melting pot of experiences and conversations about life and relationships. Sandberg_blog_Essence_moodboardWith the growing interest in a sustainable way of living and consuming we constantly look for knowledge around the products we buy and the food we eat. This thirst for knowledge and curiosity around how things work leads to a conscious way of thinking. We choose very carefully the new shoes we buy, the vegetables we eat and the table we gather around. We have a wish to keep our products as long as possible with the right care and perhaps even modifications to suit our specific use of them. Colors we choose are often drawn from nature and its textures and surfaces inspire us when we decorate our homes and ourselves. I hope you enjoy Essence as much as I do! If you want to download the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015 you can do it here.

/Sara Bergqvist Designer at Sandberg Wallpaper