Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW 2015 Insight on Play

Written by Johanna Vestlin, 30 October, 2015

This fall the design team at Sandberg Wallpaper has gone to London to catch up with what is hot or not and we see this playful, happy optimism we call PLAY everywhere...

This is a design driven trend where new designers and companies in the market are dominating. One example is the lamp Alphabeta which the Stockholms based designer Luca Nichetto has developed with HEM. They themselves describes the lamp as ”the world's first online-customizable lamp with more than 10 billion combinations. Playful, functional, and truly innovative.”
Another example is Naomi Pauls fantastic crocheted lamps. Significant for these two products is that you are invited to customize your own product in terms of color, form and combination.

Being a creator is the ground for this trend. To by yourself build, craft and in any way make a personal mark is central. The color base is generally light, often in combination with colorful accents.

This playful esthetic is truly blooming within baking. Where we here in Sweden in the latest years has been inspired by countries like the USA where the looks of the cake many times are more important than taste and where a recipe can be varied in eternity just by looks rather than content.

Playfulness as a design tool in combination with a traditional material is often powerful. Here has an ordinary steelnet fence been transformed to a crocheted lace by Dutch Design Studio Demakersvan. In this way the innovation and craft becomes more important than the material. In this picture the tone is poetic and edgy, but used in the ceiling at the mall MOOD Stockholm the expression is truly luxurious.

We see how the interest in weaving and macramé is rising and how we decorates with these types of decorative crafts over sofas and beds. We are appealed by the textiles soft comfort and the meditatively element of crafting.

When creativity and craft is part of the core value the sign of a human creator is key. The perfect suddenly feels unpersonal. We see everywhere how the hands mistakes aren't excluded and instead becomes the core of design.

I hope you find this trend as inspirational and fun as I do!

If you want to download the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015 you can do it here.

/Johanna Vestlin, Designer at Sandberg Wallpaper