Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW2015

Written by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, 02 October, 2015

The home and it´s interior decoration are growing in importance as our reality is becoming increasingly global. But to find one's own expression in today's immense supply can sometimes be quite difficult. Trends come and go, but how do we relate to them?

Behind the trends hide changes in values and norms, and if one can grasp and understand these one can also become more aware and sustainable in one's consumption. We believe that the home is the start for well-being. We hope that Sandberg Wallpapers Trendreport FW2015 that you can download for the full visual insight can be a tool for you to find inspiration and joy to decorate a home in line with your dreams. That is a sustainable home to us. This first blog post on this theme is an overall guide on the season of fall/winter 2015 four themes:

  • LUSH
  • PLAY

Sandberg_Wallpaper_Essence_InteriorESSENCE stems from the enormous interest in sustainability and ecology seen across the world. This is reflected in everything from how we live to what we put on the plate and also how we decorate our homes. We are attracted by lifestyles such as "slow living" where a greater appreciation of the essence of life becomes the path to meaning and fulfillment. We long for interaction with our loved ones and a quiet walk in the woods to balance our online global reality. The aesthetics is subtly restrained and revolves around natural materials and textures in combination with carefully selected products in a peaceful whole. If you like this style maybe you want to check out the collection Skog. Essence_Sandberg_Wallpaper_Trend_ReportSandberg_Wallpaper_Lush_InteriorLUSH embraces our increasingly international reality. Our foreign travel is steadily increasing, and through today's online channels we can experience the hottest hotels and bars around the world sitting at the breakfast table. We yearn for a more personal expression and would love to fill our homes with handpicked, stylish accessories from all corners of the globe. We are attracted to exclusive materials such as green marble, velvet and brass, and the basic tone is preferably dusty and saturated. Art Deco is closely related to this trend, with its luxurious, optimistic tone. If you feel attracted to this theme check out the collection New York Stories and Grace. Lush_Sandberg_Wallpaper_Trend_ReportSandberg_Wallpaper_Nostalgia_InteriorNOSTALGIA is the trend with the most obvious flashbacks where we want to pick our favorites from the past. We are attracted by the secure life in the countryside, with the small context and the safe and secure home for the family. We grow, bake, make jam and lemonade at the same time as we free ourselves from the housewife's shadow. Here is also plenty of room for chafed furniture and imperfection. Life should be joyful and the bouquet of wild flowers and beautiful still life adds flavor to our being. The basic tone is light in combination with flowering, preferably historical patterns. If you are a nostalgic person then you might like the collection Brunnsnäs. Nostalgia_Sandberg_Wallpaper_Trend_ReportSandberg_Wallpaper_Play_InteriorPLAY is about playfulness and optimism. We are inspired by Sweden's young designers, who cheerfully play with unexpected materials and color combinations. We see a new unrestricted minimalism emerge where DIY, IKEA hacks and colorful crafts come together against a Nordic minimalist backdrop of white and pastels. Basic materials are used in new ways with humor and unpretentiousness, and it's the creative solutions that bring quality. The tone is graphic and modern at the same time as playing with chance and pigments breathes creativity. If you are a playful soul then Gryning, Vatten or Papper might be your cup of tea. Play_Sandberg_Wallpaper_Trend_ReportSo, this is what we from Sandberg Wallpaper find most interesting this season. The full report is available to download here. If you want to learn more about the tendency above please check back for a deepening in the subjects further on, we’ve got so much more to tell!  Take care!

/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper


; P.S. If you want to have a look at what we found most interesting the passed spring and summer, you can always have a glance at the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report SS2015 that we launched last march. D.S