Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Rapport SS16

Written by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, 16 February, 2016

Choosing with care is trendier than ever. We are now launching the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report SS16, which calls for sustainable choices and helps you find your personal decor style.  


At Sandberg we are passionate about craftsmanship and local production. We believe in nature, in mankind and that the home is the starting point for well-being. And we believe in a sustainable society. For each new season, therefore, we create a trend report to make it easier for to find what you like and to encourage you to invest in things that last for a long time, both for the eye and the wear of hands.


The two most comprehensive words this year are sustainability and security, two words that permeate both fashion, architecture, food, lifestyle and interior design and that set the aesthetic tone in all these areas. In our work we often visit international fairs and cities such as Berlin, New York, Shanghai, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Stockholm to look for new expressions as well as changes in lifestyles. But we also take a closer look at ourselves and and study how we integrate with these interesting places.


In Sandberg Wallpaper Trendreport SS16, we have defined four different personalities, in order to make it easy for you to find your style and relate. Download the report HERE and start thinking about what you really like. The Spiritualist, The Gardener, The Collector or The Explorer - which personality are you?


If you´re curious about the personalities of  Ida Magntorn, Em Fexeus, Helena Lyth och Helena Nord just click your way to their lovely blogs. I myself can reveal that I share strong similarities with The Gardener but that I also comprise some elements of both The Collector and the Explorer.


/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson

Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper

P.S. Previous season´s trend report can be found here: FW15