Sandberg's design team on an inspirational trip to Versailles.

Written by Sara Bergqvist, 30 November, 2017

Three days jam-packed with impressions, the heartbeat of a great city and fantastic details in everything from a cup of warm chocolate to facades with shells in bas relief. Those days in Paris with our wicked creative team went a little too quickly, but recharged as with energy and enthusiasm. With the image of Versailles in the evening sun burned into our retinas, pencils and brushes glowed in the studio.

Sandberg Blog_Paris_photo10.jpgBoth Karolina and I have been in Paris a number of times, but we had never visited Versailles before. Unfortunately, we got there on a holiday, so we were far from alone, and the queue stretched for several hundred metres. But it was really worth both the queues and the crush. We wandered through the unbelievable grounds, and stopped spellbound at the sculpted bushes and the view from above, showing the perfect graphic shapes.Sabdberg blogg_ Paris_1.jpgIt really is gardens taken to a new level. Both the Queen and the King had their own areas (of course), and on the edge of Marie Antoinette’s Grand Trianon, built in pink marble, is the Queen’s own village. The size of the area (the park itself is around one million square metres) makes you feel so small and yet a part of history. We went there and fantasised that we were walking along dressed in pinafores, chatting along the endless gravel paths.Sandberg Blog_Paris_photo6.jpgSandberg Blog_Paris_photo5.jpgSandberg Blogg_Paris_2.jpgSandberg Blog_Paris_photo3.jpgI dawdled a little longer by this wonderful ”little” summerhouse. The colours, the warm yellow under the crazily detailed cool green wooden adornments created a fantastic overall impact, and the green metal flowers on the roof were the cherry on the cake. Pattern on pattern on pattern!Sandberg Blog_Paris_photo8.jpgSandberg Blog_Paris_photo7.jpgAs we entered the heart of the castle, the extravagance became almost overpowering. Gold everywhere, and magnificent halls as long as the eye can reach. It was, of course both fascinating and inspiring, but also, perhaps, contained the seeds of the French Revolution. This is such a crazy ”home”, created for so few people, that you begin to understand how people could feel that the world was unfairly divided...Sandberg Blog_Paris_photo11.jpgBut all the art, all the craftwork, the architecture and so much detail quite overwhelmed us. We would gladly have spent a full week in the castle, just wandering around, photographing and sketching in the Sun King’s countless rooms.Sandberg Blog_Paris_photo9.jpgSandberg Blog_Paris_photo4.jpgThank you, Paris! We had really lovely days with badly-needed sunshine and a wealth of impressions! À bientôt!



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