Skog- the story behind

Written by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, 16 August, 2015

Sandberg Wallpaper’s collection Skog is inspired by man’s ever greater yearning for nature. Our desire to leave the bustling big city behind and go to places where we can exhale and take a break from the urban online existence.


In a world where everything spins faster and faster for every day we recognize that we have the need to rewind and with mindfulness connect back with nature. I am a runner and the best way for me to recharge the batteries, clean a messy mind and breath in good air is in the woods in the lonely company of only my hard breath. When I come back my body is tired but my brain is clean and up for new creative ideas. 

Sandberg_blog_spring_woodThis was one of the starting points for the collection Skog (the Swedish word for Forest) when me and my design colleague Karolina Kroon started to work with this collection about a year ago. We wanted to make a collection of wallpapers that help you reconnect with nature and make your home your own sanctuary. We wanted to make wallpapers that fitted in to modern environments that so often opens up with big windows to the nature, or garden outside, welcoming it inside.Sandberg_blog_mossWe went out in to the wood to find inspiration. We looked for unique, authentic materials that age with dignity. Walking across fields of green moss we found shells of birds’ eggs, stones, rusty old objects, a worn piece of linen fabric, all so beautiful in its fragility. Once back in the studio we started to work with the watercolors on heavy paper. 

But there where still one part missing, the feature wallpaper of the collection, telling the full story about it. Last October, me and the kids where spending some days in Skåne at my parents place. One day we went up to the woods situated on Hallandsåsen, a great ridge dividing the south of Sweden from the rest of the country, a historical place in many ways. But the day was misty, as if the clouds decided to take a sleep there in the company of the trees. We where picking all kinds out treasures a forest can provide you with, like moss, branches, leaves and even a horn from a deer. We had a great time in the woods, the air felt almost enchanted, and I tried to catch that mood with my camera. Coming home i posted a pic on my Instagram.
My design colleague Karolina Kroon saw the picture and asked med if that pic wasn't the starting point for that last design we where looking for. I loved the idea and she started to work with the photograph adding texture and pitching the colours. The task to interpret the collection went to the stylist and photographer Daniella Witte adding her flair and twist to it. If you want to read her story behind the scene you can find it here. We just love the result, hope you do that to! 
The wallpaper collection Skog is available in stores as of August 18, 2015. The collection includes nine patterns that come in multiple colorways, printed on non-woven. Hope you find your own favorite!
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/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson
Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper