Sleep well – wallpaper ideas for your bedroom!

Written by Johanna Vestlin, 26 July, 2016

The best thing about being on holiday during the summer is that you can follow your own body clock. If, like me, you are an evening person, you can enjoy long, balmy evenings and then sleep as long as your body needs. Personally, I appreciate a calm, harmonious bedroom where the emphasis is on the bed and sleeping.


Right now, in the middle of the countryside summer, I love crawling into bed among wringled linen sheets, with the window open, and falling asleep to the sounds of the night. Our country cottage is also the source of the wild strawberry leaves which I’ve turned into a carpet of runners on my Henry wallpaper. The leaves and flowers form a soft surface which envelops the room and creates harmony.


Who doesn’t love magnificent turn-of-the-century milieux? In recent times, I seem to notice more and more people appreciating the beauty of mirrors and wall mouldings, which give a historic flair and a luxurious feel of craftsmanship. Here, our Chelsea medallion is framed by beautiful mouldings in a peaceful bedroom in blue.


Green is beautiful. Neat Ginko , designed by Karolina Kroon, is a clever pattern which combines strict lines with natural, organic shapes. The vertical stems give an impression of height, and are ideal in a room where the ceiling could be higher. The combination of a light background and the delicious green shades makes the room feel bright and dazzling. Now for a good night’s sleep!


”Sweet dreams” is what we say, and why not let the phrase inspire a bedroom interior? In the Heidi pattern, I have played around with a combination of the vibrant finish of the Rost wallpaper and the shadow of branches. The mix of soft shades and nuances creates a dreamy background, like branches against a cloudy sky.


If you like an interior with a hint of the fairy tale, our Skog photo wallpaper is a great choice for your interior. Here in the Alvhem apartment, Kristina from Studio Cuvier has created a wonderfully harmonious look, allowing the misty forest to move all the way into the bedroom where it turns into a huge and embracing headboard.

/Johanna Vestlin, Designer