Written by Johanna Vestlin, 22 February, 2016

Sandberg WallpaperWhen all around feels disturbed and stressed, I believe that the longing for peace and harmony intensifies. We care that what we eat should be wholesome and good for us. Yoga & mindfullness have gained wide acceptance, and we are committed to looking after our physical and spiritual balance. I also see this reflected in our homes and interior design..

SONY DSCAt the Stockholm furniture fair, it was fascinating to see how companies such as DK3 and GEMLA showed their products with a daringly minimalist and ascetic philosophy. Craftsmanship took centre stage, but with a subtle and poetic element in the evanescent wall shelves or a bare bough. This gives an almost sacred feeling.

sandberg_wallpaper_tapeter_trend_spiritualist_möbelmässan_kvänumI am intrigued that so much is happening with kitchens at the moment. One example is KVÄNUM’s new Intro series, which blurs the boundary between kitchen and living room. A clear trend is the reduction in wall units in favour of a painting, a beautiful lamp or a shelf with a still-life. With less storage, the focus is on few but carefully-selected products. A much-featured Japanese author raised this approach to a lifestyle in her book ”The Art of Cleaning”, in which she proclaims that we should cling only to the few objects in our everyday lives that make us successful.

sandberg_wallpaper_tapeter_trend_spiritualist_arkdes_Lotta_Agaton_Otto_577-52Personal health is crucial, and more and more voices are emphasising the importance of sleep. A restful and appealing bedroom is almost a symbol of the spiritualist’s lifestyle. Here, we show a photo from Note design’s successful exhibition at Arkdes, in collaboration with Residence, curated by Lotta Agaton. The inviting linen sheets and textiles take ”cosy” to new heights, and the shadows from the strips on the cement-coloured walls give an arranged and poetic feeling. If the strips feel too much, then the same subtle, graphic effect can be achieved through our wallpaper, OTTO.

SONY DSCMany of the walls are not totally white, but are interrupted by subdued pink, beige and grey nuances, very often combined with the warmth of different woods. This gives soft accents to round white object. I also see how the bookshelf is giving way as a status-enhancer in the home in favour of a lovely still-life and carefully-chosen everyday objects. With digitalisation, I no longer see the bookshelf as quite the symbol of status and knowledge it used to be.

sandberg_wallpaper_tapeter_trend_spiritualist_rost_grå_daniella_witte_stylingMinimalist but soft is an excellent way of describing the spiritualist’s style, as captured effectively here by Daniella Witte in her beautiful photo with our ROST as the background. The combination of textiles, the texture of the wallpaper, the branches from the forest and the roundness of the lamp contribute to a soft impression overall, while the low bed and the simple tray on the floor make things relaxed and homely.

sandberg_wallpaper_tapeter_trend_spiritualist_furniturefair_norman_copenhagen_skagerakThe spiritualist is modern and optimistic about the future, enjoying toying with convention and making fun of the expected. As here, in the surprisingly large lamp with its rounded shape or the slender graphics, as seen in the fragile steel tube furniture. For a soft overall feeling, combined with wood and gentle, pale colours.

sandberg_wallpaper_tapeter_trend_spiritualist_Vinterskog_622-18_interior_annaleenaFinally, ANNALEENA’s elegant styling of our VINTERSKOG wallpaper, which shows how a poetic perception of nature drapes itself like cotton around a graphic and pared-back interior.

If you would like more inspiration, more trends and suggestions for more wallpapers to suit the spiritualist, I recommend our TREND REPORT, which is available for downloading. 

/Johanna Vestlin, Designer - Sandberg Wallpaper