Springtime inspiration – walls covered in a cascade of stunning flowers

Written by Pia Andersson, 03 May, 2016

As spring approaches, I love to bring beautiful flowers into my home. Not only a bouquet of spring flowers on a table, but walls decorated in greenery and colourful displays of flowers.

This is the ideal time to be inspired by a wonderful mix of delightful patterns and colours, wallpapers with different expressions but all hinting at spring and summer, all reminding me of and making me long for summer meadows, Midsummer celebrations, balmy summer evenings, barefoot walks through the greenest of grass. Let me share some of my favourites from Sandberg Wallpaper with you.


The Christophe wallpaper brings to mind waving summer meadows. Its soft and gentle colours remind me of Midsummer wreaths and dancing around the Midsummer pole.


Flora features a wonderful pattern of meadow flowers. The red clover, oxeye daisies, love-in-idleness and water avens bring to mind the summers of my childhood.


Growing Garden is a summer meadow of realistic flowers spreading across the wall. With this wallpaper in the bedroom, it would feel like you were sleeping right in the middle of a summer meadow all year round.


If you want more inspiration from wallpaper featuring spring and summer flowers, continue browsing and take a look at the Flora Sandbergica, Linnea, Brunnsnäs and Tradition collections.


My favourite is Growing Garden, a lovely wallpaper that I will very likely use on the walls in one of the rooms at home.

I hope that you too will find your personal favourite.

/Pia Andersson

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