Stripes are never out of fashion. 

Written by Sandberg, 15 February, 2018

Few patterns are as classic as stripes. Using them you can achieve a look which is both exciting and dynamic. By varying the width, colours and contrasts, you have endless options to create an inspiring and timeless home.Magnus_516-91_2100x1574_300_RGB.jpg

Choose the graphic Magnus in black and white for a striking and dramatic effect, or get a calmer and more harmonious vibe with the white Magnus.Magnus_516-00_1574x2100_300_RGB.jpg
The monochrome striped pattern works just as well as a feature wall as on all the walls of a room. When one room opens into another, it is always a good idea to use something bold that draws the eye and sets the tone for the whole interior. 
William_526-21_1573x2100_300_RGB.jpgThe key to using stripes successfully is to not only think in terms of colours. The dynamics of pattern width and contrasts are even more important.Osterbor blogg.jpg
When you make careful decisions combined with easily replaceable accessories you get a room that last. The striped wallpaper hangs independently from trends and creates Scandinavian simplicity that endures time. Rooms will change but the classic stripe survives.
Rand Blogg.jpg
Be bold and stripe up your home. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in your nearest decorating shop, the staff there have many years’ experience and can help you create a harmonious home. Find your nearest store here.

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