The best country wallpapers of the summer!

Written by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, 12 July, 2016

Summer has arrived and we are enjoying the lazy days. Maybe you are spending time at your country cottage, padding around barefoot on wooden floors wamed by the sun, with a cup of coffee in your hand? Or cosying down indoors with a book, while a rain shower is passing, leaving the whole countryside freshly showered and smelling wonderful? No matter what you’re doing, here are our five top tips for wallpapers for country life, which will let you enjoy the beauty and pleasure of cottage life and summer all year round!



A wallpaper featuring all the delightful meadow flowers of summer - red clover, ox-eye daisies, love-in-idleness and water avens - in an elegant composition by designer Sandra Wall. The flower silhouettes form a graceful pattern against the white background and the wallpaper is ideal for rooms with whitewashed pine flooring. Find out more HERE.


Side tables, 3 styles in the studio Side tables, 3 styles in the studio


Like having a botanical encyclopaedia on the wall! The pattern features 234 different flowers which can be found in Sweden, so this wallpaper should be ideal for nature lovers with cottages far from broadband connections and Google! A fun, welcoming wallpaper in hallways where car boot sale bargains, rubber boots and wild flower are sharing space, as in this great picture borrowed from the magazine, Allt i Hemmet.


We are delighted that demand for small patterns have increased in recent times, since we have always cherished this look. This cute pattern has been created by designer Sara Bergqvist and is part of the Flora Sandbergica collection. At a distance, the pattern looks self-coloured, but the closer you get, the more you can see of the neat little flowers that climb up the wall. Ideal for bedrooms with white linen curtains which wave in the soft summer breeze.


The Katarina pattern was originally drawn some time in the 1920s, and this colourway is particularly close to what the original would once have looked like, with red tulips, black details and god accents on a cardboard-brown background. The pattern is ideally matched to objects from the same era, and is perfect in a small cottage drawing room, as here at Erika Åberg. If you are looking for inspiration for your cottage lifestyle, whether outside in the garden or indoors, take a look at Erika’s great blog, which is full of beautiful pictures, tips and ideas.


The Vera pattern also has its roots in the 1920s, with its stunning, graceful flowers on a chequered background typical of the era. In UnderbaraClara’s home , the wallpaper decorates her kitchen wall and there are few people who can create cosier settings than she can. We’d all like to sit down on the kitchen bench in Clara’s home, enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe listen to the slow ticking of the clock. Visit her for more inspiring uses of wallpaper, beautiful rural settings and the magical light of the north!


If you would like samples of these wallpapers or the bird wallpaper, Eugen, created by myself and now decorating the hallway in my own home, click HERE. With an A4-sized sample on the wall, it is easier to decide just what this wallpaper can do for your room. With a sample on the wall, you may as well top up your coffee, sit yourself down, listen to the buzzing of a fly and stare at the wall, just like we do when we’re on holiday! Good luck!

/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson
Creative Director Sandberg Wallpaper
P.S If you want to find out more about my summer, visit me, @hannawendelbo, on Instagram.