The Sakura is flowering once again!

Written by Sara Bergqvist, 26 April, 2016


The cherry trees are in bloom and just like every other year, I feel happy and full of energy. Yesterday, it snowed in many parts of Sweden, but the cherry trees remind us that summer is not far away! I love spring and the promise of light, emerging plants and the return of life.


This was the feeling I had in mind when I sketched the patterns for Sakura sky and Sakura mural. Walking under the flowering trees, with petals blowing in the wind, is one of the best things about this time of the year. The name Sakura comes from the Japanese word for “cherry blossom”, and a trip to Japan to experience the annual flower festival is on my bucket list. Right now, a stroll on the Järntorget Square in Gothenburg is simply wonderful, but it would be amazing to be part of the great, spiritual festival in Japan.


Sakura sky and Sakura mural have the look of a watercolour, something very close to my heart. Working with patterns on both ceilings and walls can be really exciting! So much happens when the cherry blossoms are allowed to grow in the room and slowly trickle down the walls. It is such fun to work with this interpretation of springtime, and I love the organic, light-hearted expression.


For years, I have dreamed of having a four-poster bed, with a ceiling decorated in Sakura sky and walls in Sakura Mural turning the room into a flowering, vibrant entity. You can almost feel the wind in the trees while being cradled safely by the cherry blossoms and branches. Imagine enjoying that atmosphere at home, all year round!


I hope that you love Sakura as much as I do!


/Sara Bergqvist

Designer at Sandberg Wallpaper