The story behind my Siri wallpaper!

Written by Sara Bergqvist, 19 July, 2016

My pattern portfolio is growing all the time, and some of them mean more than others to me. The very first wall paper I produced as a designer at Sandberg will always hold a special place in my heart. It was a new start, a new adventure and an opportunity to take on a new challenge. Of all the patterns I have created, Siri has become my personal favourite.


Ava from the Brunnsnäs collection and Rosenholm from the Tradition collection provided inspiration and lent character to rooms with their large, dramatic patterns. I wanted to aim for something similar with Siri, and create a pattern with personality and attitude.


Siri started to take shape and I drew sketch after sketch before I finally decided on expression, colour and repeat. As a designer, I love drawing inspiration from nature, so the theme of the Flora Sandbergica collection was just perfect for me. The blakcberry bush which has just grown and grown in my parents’ garden, giving them an impressive harvest year after year, provides the foundation for the pattern. I decided to use it in combination with the iris, with its exotic look and soft leaves, to create a framework.


After the drawings were finished, the original gouache was created, and I really enjoyed the whole process! Although the medallion is a mirror image, it retained tiny differences in the right and left side, created by brush strokes and a slight shaking of the hand.


The story behind the pattern was important and I wanted to recreate the feeling of walking through the dense undergrowth of a forest and emerging in a clearing where blackberry thickets flourish, framed by proud irises right in the middle of the wilderness. The tiny leaves in the background bring the pattern together and create a calm rhythm and flow on the wall. The original was interpreted and later printed using the collagraphy technique, which creates vibrant colour and craftsmanship to give the pattern an extra dimension.



I plan to use Siri in my own home, in my personal favourite, the blue version. Which do you prefer? If you can’t make up your mind, order samples HERE.

/Sara Bergqvist
Designer at Sandberg Wallpaper