The trend toppers - 5 wallpapers we are hanging on walls at the moment.

Written by Sandra Willund, 19 April, 2018

Even though the current trends are rather fluid, it is fascinating to see what other people are choosing to decorate their walls with at the moment. For whether we want to or not, we are influenced by current trends in one way or another, and it is clear to see that slightly darker and more daring patterns are increasingly finding their way into our homes.
By far the best thing about today’s trends, is that there are so many of them that all of us can find our own trend. Our top list blends more daring colours with more muted tones.
Sandberg_wallpaper_Wilma1. First on the list is Wilma, from our Villa Dalarö collection, which has been in top position for some considerable time. This is a classic pattern reminiscent of laurel wreaths. The most popular colourway has white leaves on a pale grey background.Ava_Sovrum2. Then we have a personal favourite, Ava. Ava is from our Brunnsnäs collection, with inspiration taken from the environs of Ulricehamn. It comes in three colourways, with the most popular having a background of dark blue with large flowers and leaves in soft colours. Lo_226-79_2100x2100_300_RGB3. Lo, from the Oas collection, in flowing watercolours with beautiful rolling flower patterns which gives a soothing and airy ambience. This warm colourway with yellow details is at the top of the list, closely followed by its companion pattern, Lo pastel.Sigfrid Sandberg wallpaper4. Sigfrid, from the Villa Dalarö, is a densely-leaved pattern which gives the room a genuine harmony. This fresh green colourway is the favourite, soothing a room with calmness.Emma Sandberg Wallpaper5. Emma, also from Villa Dalarö, is a flowery summer meadow with lupines and poppies in profussion. The background is a deep bluish-grey on which the flowers in the pattern are highlighted, propelling this wallpaper into our top list. 

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