The trendiest walls of the season – 3 ways to get a handle on style!

Written by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, 09 August, 2016

We are steadily getting ready for a new season and it’s time to look at what this means. Autumn is the time for creating beautiful, cosy indoor spaces, and we love it!
The inspirational journeys through Stockholm, Copenhagen and Milano in the spring gave us new and enticing ideas for decorating walls. There is a growing interest in dividing the wall space into different fields, and the perfect way to do this is to use wallpaper. Check, out the following three tricks (as well as the bonus tip!) for making the most of the hottest autumn trend in your own home!


This is the ideal way to create the perfect backdrop for the trendiest interior design object this year – the daybed. Regular wall paint is used in the bottom field, and intricately matched to the Heidi wallpaper above. This gives the room an air of gravitas and calm, while maintaining a decorated and exciting field at eye level. It’s a smart way to go when you are decorating a home where toddlers may be running riot with bobby cars and crayons. Make sure you buy a few extra litres of paint and store it in a frost-free location, so that you can use it to touch up the wall if it gets marked.

Trend report spring 2016

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, an extremely popular trend was to split the wall, using one wallpaper at the top and a matching one below, with a decorative strip dividing the two. But now we see a completely different concept, as far from the exotic fruit kitchen borders of the 1980s as it is possible to get! The wall should ideally look like it has been moved from a beautiful old industrial setting, with the patina of years and a story to tell. This effect is easily recreated by using the Rost wallpaper, which is shown here applied horizontally, using two different colourways. The great thing about modern non-woven wallpaper is that it can easily be applied horizontally, since the paste is painted onto the wall and the wallpaper added afterwards! If you want to take a closer look at Rost’s beautiful finish, where different shades have been blended together and a slightly glossy effect added, you can order a sample HERE.


Trend report spring 2016 Trend report spring 2016


If your aim is to create a truly classic style in your home, then tongue-and-groove panelling, painted to match a beautiful wallpaper, is a beautiful way to go. Panelling is thoroughly practical in areas with a lot of through-traffic, such as a hallway, or in kitchens where chairs are moved around a lot. The wood can cope with anything from wet rubber boots to hard chair backs. Since the panelling usually creates a vertical pattern, you should ideally top it off with a wallpaper that breaks up the lines, such as one with a botanical pattern like Rosenholm above, or a cute trellis pattern such as Hildasro.

Walls which tell a story and remind us of days gone by is a look which is becoming more significant and urgent. One way of achieving this is to adopt the same approach as the stylist, Sarah Widman, i.e. apply layers of several different wallpapers to a white-painted wall, and then tear them to reveal the different patterns. Perhaps not something that would suit every home, but it may be the ideal look for a cosy little boutique or a flower shop? The jewel in the crown could be a Flower Mandala added on top! Extremely effective and a real eye-catcher!
If you want to find out what other trends and looks we see in our crystal ball for the autumn, put a note in your diary for 4 September when this autumn’s Trend Report will be presented at the Oslo Design Fair at 14.30!
/Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson
Creative Director
Sandberg Wallpaper