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Discover the true Scandinavian feeling. 

SandbergAccessories, Collection, Inspiration

”Vinterskog, Winter Forest in Swedish, leaves the town far behind, and finds tranquillity in the Nordic light and the simplicity so typical of the Scandinavian winter landscape. The result is a minimalist wallpaper pattern which generates a pure and calm atmosphere which soothes away the worries of life and recharges tired batteries. A pattern which pays homage to the Scandinavian countryside at its most silent, focusing on its unique shapes and muted colours.  

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Autumn news - Poster SKOG

Anna AndénAccessories, Inspiration, Pattern

If you want to have a little bit of SKOG in your home - bring nature inside with our new poster. Printed on matt paper, size 50 x 70 cm and now available in our webshop for accessories. Get your own piece here. 

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It feels good to help

Anna AndénAccessories, Pattern

There´s a lot of things to be proud of these days. Humanity and kindness seems to be winning ground worldwide.It feels good to help and to see the good will of people.

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