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Sandberg out and about – Newly-built house.

Sandra WillundInspiration, Interior design, interior

On one of the few rainy days this summer, I visited Ida and her family, in their newly-built house just outside Borås. She had just finished decorating and wallpapering one of the children’s rooms with the Eden wallpaper, and the bedroom is finished in the Skog pattern from Sandberg Wallpaper
Ida, who normally works as a creator and freelance designer, was at home on parental leave with Sigge on the day of my visit.
Sigge, just like his mother, is immensely social and extrovert. He was more than happy to be in every picture. Wherever I went, he made sure that he slipped into the photograph, a really charming little lens louse.
When did you build the house? 

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DIY - mobile for your little ones. 

Sandra WillundInspiration, Do-It-Yourself, Children

Super cool, simple and original DIY tips for the kids room. We love it when things are reused, so today we are offering a DIY tip the form of a cloud mobile which is a perfect project if you have any leftover wallpaper or wallpaper swatches. 

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Affordable Valentine's Day Ideas

Sandra WillundInspiration, Pattern, Do-It-Yourself

Make Valentine a bit more authentic this year with our quick and easy DIY crafts. Whether you love Valentine’s Day or think it’s become too commercialised, it is a great opportunity to show someone special that you appreciate him or her.

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Paint or Wallpaper? - The pros and cons

Sandra WillundInspiration, Pattern, Interior design

Is your home in need of a makeover? One of the most effective ways of changing the feel of a room is to paint or wallpaper. Many home owners are fronted with the same questions. Which is the quickest and easiest option, and how do I get the most value for my money? Is wallpaper better than paint? It's a common assumption that paint is the quicker and easier option, but is this really the case? 

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The Autumn Trend Report – It will be here soon!

Hanna Wendelbo-HanssonTrends, Inspiration

Oslo Design Fair is Norway’s largest trade fair, and an important meeting place for the design and interior decoration industry. On Saturday, Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, our Creative Director, will present the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report FW16 as part of the programme of talks at the fair.

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Sandberg Familj-what goes on in the design studio?

Hanna Wendelbo-HanssonInspiration, Interior design, Children

A couple of days ago, the new Familj wallpaper collection started arriving at our retailers. At the design studio, we are really looking forward to hearing what people think about it. We’ve had great fun creating the Familj collection and, for obvious reasons, it has been a genuinely enjoyable process.

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The trendiest walls of the season – 3 ways to get a handle on style!

Hanna Wendelbo-HanssonBotanical, Trends, Inspiration

We are steadily getting ready for a new season and it’s time to look at what this means. Autumn is the time for creating beautiful, cosy indoor spaces, and we love it!
The inspirational journeys through Stockholm, Copenhagen and Milano in the spring gave us new and enticing ideas for decorating walls. There is a growing interest in dividing the wall space into different fields, and the perfect way to do this is to use wallpaper. Check, out the following three tricks (as well as the bonus tip!) for making the most of the hottest autumn trend in your own home!

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Sandberg in the world

Annika MårtenssonTravel, Inspiration, Interior design

Sandberg wallpaper is represented around the world. We have customers in 50 countries. We always work with devoted people in love with our Scandinavian style and sharing our values. “Home is the start for well being” is true where ever and whatever the circumstances are. My everyday mission to enable beautiful homes takes me as Export Manager on trips around the world. I often get the question how our products are used abroad, which designs are preferred; do people have the same taste in design and color like Swedes? Here, under “Sandberg in the world” I will answer that question.

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Sleep well – wallpaper ideas for your bedroom!

Johanna VestlinInspiration, Interior design

The best thing about being on holiday during the summer is that you can follow your own body clock. If, like me, you are an evening person, you can enjoy long, balmy evenings and then sleep as long as your body needs. Personally, I appreciate a calm, harmonious bedroom where the emphasis is on the bed and sleeping.

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The story behind my Siri wallpaper!

Sara BergqvistBotanical, Inspiration, Interior design

My pattern portfolio is growing all the time, and some of them mean more than others to me. The very first wall paper I produced as a designer at Sandberg will always hold a special place in my heart. It was a new start, a new adventure and an opportunity to take on a new challenge. Of all the patterns I have created, Siri has become my personal favourite.

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