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Sandberg out and about – Newly-built house.

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On one of the few rainy days this summer, I visited Ida and her family, in their newly-built house just outside Borås. She had just finished decorating and wallpapering one of the children’s rooms with the Eden wallpaper, and the bedroom is finished in the Skog pattern from Sandberg Wallpaper
Ida, who normally works as a creator and freelance designer, was at home on parental leave with Sigge on the day of my visit.
Sigge, just like his mother, is immensely social and extrovert. He was more than happy to be in every picture. Wherever I went, he made sure that he slipped into the photograph, a really charming little lens louse.
When did you build the house? 

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Sandberg out and about – 1900s house

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Lina and her daughter, Sigrid, are standing on the stairs, and they wave when we drive up to the yellow “manager’s house” which is built on a slope down towards Lake Vättern in Huskvarna. Lina has just got back from her job, and taken over from her husband, David, who has been at home with the kids all morning. We found Vilgot, who has just turned five years old, in the kitchen. He has his hands full keeping track of the newly-baked rhubarb tart.

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Decor with the trendiest colour this season.

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We have, as you may now know, abandoned the white walls and made our move towards more colour and pattern. The absolute hottest colour right now is pink. More and more homes take in all shades of pink. Pastel, vintage, powder pink and even bold pink.

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