Written by Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson, 01 March, 2016

Interior design has become both more important and more complicated in our globalised world, where the home has become the heart of our wellbeing. Our aim with the Sandberg Wallpaper Trend Report SS16 is to guide you through the various expressions current in this season, to find what you like and make it simple for you to invest in things which are easy on the eye and stand up to physical wear for a long time. In this post, we will examine more closely the values and expressions which appeal to the Explorer – perhaps this is you?


Experiences and stories are what tickle the Explorer’s interest and imagination, and trips to exotic places are part of the lifestyle. The destination is often a large metropolis, such as New York, Barcelona, Paris or Berlin, but once there, the Explorer searches out the tiny and unique gold nuggets to be found far from the tourist shopping areas. Art, design and handicrafts are natural parts of the travel experience, and souvenirs from the destination may consist of a hand-thrown bowl from an exciting potter, bought right at the studio or workshop. The Explorer prefers hotels based on an exciting concept, such as Ace Hotel, a nice Air BnB or a unique apartment filled with interesting furniture, literature and art, such as Absolut Art Apartment Berlin (pictured above).


Kinfolk Magazine has set the tone for this style, with its motto ”slow living”, where individual unique and personal objects tell their own story in a calm and harmonious milieu.  A lifestyle strongly inspired by how Scandinavians relate to interior design and life in general. Now that the Swedish magazine, Residence, has published an English-language bookazine called My Residence, we expect to see interest and demand for the Swedish look continuing to grow.


Research carried out by Sandberg’s Design Department shows that more and more of the major companies exhibiting at fairs are daringly using richer colours on the walls. We saw really adventurous colour combinations, ranging from warm reds to deepest blues at both Maison Objet in Paris and the Stockholm Furniture Fair. And the fact is that a recent survey shows that 20% of all 18-34 year olds would consider darker walls. This is a radical change from previous years!

Sandberg_blog_warm_metallicsWe continue to see the frequent use of warm metals, such as gold, brass and copper, both on accessories, details, building facades and in interiors, perhaps precisely because they look stunning against and complement the rich colours?

Svar_UpptäckarenObjects in the Explorer’s home are all about experiences, but also a sign of conscious local consumption, i.e. the purchasing of products close to their place of origin. This outlook makes the Explorer’s home both personal and international, filled with an unexpected but well-balanced blend of exciting and inspiring patterns, textures and objects.  Walls often have an urban look, where time has been allowed to tell its own story. Playing with wall colours, as in the picture above where two wallpapers with the same design, ROST GREY and ROST PETROL (launch date 17 March) but different colour schemes, gives the room a unique look which feels both exciting and intriguing. Styling by Emma Fischer and Charlotte Ryding, with Jonas Berg responsible for the magical photo.


If you still don’t know whether you are a Spiritualist, Gardener, Collector or Explorer, take our PERSONALITY TEST and find out!

You can download the whole trend report HERE and take the time to consider your preferences and personality in peace and quiet. This will help you become a surer, more reliable interior design consumer, with a beautiful home that is easy on the eye and stands up to physical wear!


Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson

Creative Director

Sandberg Wallpaper