Vinterskog - A new start

Written by Johanna Vestlin, 11 January, 2016

A new year and new opportunities. I guess many of you are just like me and enjoy clearing out Christmas knowing that the days now only going to get brighter and brighter, while a thin blanket of snow reflects the light outside the door.

Sandberg_blog_breakfastI have really savoured the year's first lazy days lingering in bed and gathering new inspiration. For me these times are especially exciting since this is the year when my work will make its way into the Sandberg range.

Sandberg_blog_Vinterskog_622-18_interiorAdmiring and being inspired by Annaleena Leino-Karlsson's stylish and minimalist interior images at ANNALEENASHEM, we started thinking about finding a way to collaborate with her. When I suggested that we should design a winter-white version of Karolina Kroon and Hanna Wendelbo-Hansson's poetic and dreamy SKOG, it felt as a spot-on assignment for Annaleena. I saw before me a colourway that captures the calm and quiet snow-covered forest, which in a peaceful way embraces the modern, white-coloured home.

Sandberg_blog_Vinterskog_622-18_detailThe bright white and turquoise grey tones of the wallpaper go perfectly together with different shades of white and natural tones. In an older house VINTERSKOG adds a beautiful and modern touch when combined with white-oiled floors and linen textiles. However, the wallpaper works just as fine in newly built or newly renovated homes, where it adds a bright softness, preferably in combination with white surfaces and graphic décor.

Sandberg_blog_Vinterskog_622-18_interior_annaleena_hemWe are very excited about our collaboration with Annaleena! With fantastic images taken in her newly built home she shows how beautifully VINTERSKOG can be styled together with whitewashed oak floors and black and white interior details. Note especially Annaleenas' own minimalist clothes hanger – a piece of art in itself that can be ordered on her website. VINTERSKOG is available at our distributors as of today. Please feel free to order a sample online to find out how the colour dazzles on your specific wall.


/Johanna Vestlin, Designer Sandberg Wallpaper