Wallpaper colour and dark shades – 5 modern wallpapers

Written by Johanna Vestlin, 15 December, 2016

We have noticed that an increasing number of people are becoming more daring in their approach to decorating their homes, looking for a personal style beyond the bright and breezy. Here is our shortlist of 5 wallpapers with strong patterns and colours, ideal for the look you’re aiming to create.



1 Ava

The bold flowers of the Ava pattern have taken the market by storm. With its wonderful dusky blue background, Ava envelops the room, creating a look which is both cool and romantic.

For more Ava inspired ideas, have a look at Malin Wollin and Babes in boyland.


2 Senecio

Our latest collection, Signatur, includes the cool Senecio wallpaper in an attractive and fashionable blue. It was, without doubt, one of the most widely-used colours at this year’s exhibitions, and a sure sign that we will see more walls in darker shades of blue in the future.



3 Tistlar

How cheeky is a room with red walls? Red walls create a feeling of warmth and the colour brightens your day. A red room makes an impression. The Tistlar wallpaper is part of our latest collection, and is based on the fabric design created by Dagmar Loden in 1949.


4 Edwin

Edwin is a much-loved Sandberg classic, which gives a room a sumptuous, luxurious look. Edwin featured in the television building restoration programme ”Sommar med Ernst” where it was used to create the right look for a library.


5 Hagalund

We hope that Hagalund will become a new 1950s classic. Based on the book cover design by Ylva-Källström Eklund at the time, the pattern has now been recreated as a wallpaper. Hagalund is a graphic, small pattern which does not dominate the room. A classic that will give years of service.


/Johanna Vestlin, designer