Wallpaper ideas for a cosy bedroom!

Written by Sandberg, 05 October, 2017

Green walls in a bedroom give a sense of calm. A place for relaxation and recuperation. Green is a natural stress alleviator. Fill your bedroom with plants and it becomes your own little oasis where you can curl up in your bed or in an armchair with a good book and a cup of coffee or tea. Maybe open a window wide and let the white linen curtains wave in the breeze.


This bedroom, with the delightfully fresh Ginkgo wallpaper and the delicate white linen curtains, provides a light, snug yet modern ambience.Diana_404-38.jpgDiana_404-38_rapportbild.jpgAnother excellent example is this bedroom with the green Diana pattern trailing softly over the walls.

This creates a calm and cosy bedroom where you want to curl up in bed again and drift comfortably through the day.

Tip. Lots of cushions on the bed give a real feeling of comfort and cosiness.418-18_image3.jpgThis lovely bedroom features our Hella wallpaper in green. Along with the beautiful grey linen bed clothes, this creates a wonderful place to spend lazy days and nights.

Put yourself in renovation mode and plan a makeover for your bedroom this autumn. You will find our paint versus wallpaper guide an excellent aid. Follow the link below.


 Sweet Dreams!