Welcome to our oasis!

Written by Sandberg, 24 August, 2017


We are delighted to launch our stunning autumn collection, Oas.  We have taken the opportunity to put some questions to our designer, Karolina Kroon. She and her colleague, Sara Bergqvist, form the creative team behind the magically beautiful patterns of this fantastic collection.



Hi Karolina! What an exceptional collection you and Sara have produced. Please tell us something about the collection, and where you got the inspiration from?

“Oas was the result of our urge to develop a modern collection with an international touch. We were inspired by vibrant, tactile surfaces and structures, and new organic expressions. We wanted the colourways to display deep shades in combination with light pastels. It is so now.”



Why the name, Oas?

”Oas reflects the feeling of peace & sanctuary, when your home becomes the safe refuge that allows you to unwind and create your own oasis.”



Which is your favourite from the collection, and why?

“My favourite wallpaper is the dark Malin. The sketchy expression in the character feels innovative, and it has a depth that embraces the room”.


What would you choose from the collection to wallpaper your own home this autumn?

“The blue Johanna for our bedroom, matched with bedclothes in unbleached linen. In the lounge, I would have the warm grey Robin to give the room a warm yet impressive feel. Finally, I would choose Malin for the hall, as a welcoming and enfolding touch of greenery.....”.




We are incredibly proud of this collection and we will send a big thanks to our amazing partners, stylist Josefin Hååg, photographer Sara Medina Lind, Matilda & Nathalie from Babes In Boyland, Nanna van Berlekom and Katrin Bååth.